ICE Makes HUGE Bust Of Illegal Aliens in NYC — Agents SHOCKED at What They Found…

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers just announced that they have wrapped up a massive, six-day long operation targetting illegal immigrants hiding in New York City, a sanctuary city notorious for allowing illegals to go free despite direct orders to do otherwise.

According to a spokesperson for the agency, ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations officers started their operation on November 13 and finished it just before Thanksgiving, netting a total of 55 illegal aliens. The vast majority of these illegals had actually previously been in NYPD custody and were released despite a detainer order, telling local precincts to hold onto them until ICE agents could arrive and verify their situations.

“Forty-two of the 55 arrested during this operation were released from New York custody with an active detainer, which poses an increased risk to the officers and the community,” ICE spokesperson Thomas Decker wrote in a statement released to the press. “It is important for city residents to know that although the City of New York releases inmates with active ICE detainers back into their community, ICE will be diligent in its responsibility to find those who come to the United States to prey upon our communities and ultimately have them removed from the country.”

Most of those who were brought into custody came from the country of Mexico, however the rest came from all over the world, including Jamaica, Ecuador, Honduras, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Yemen, Bangladesh, France, Guyana, Jordan, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Trinidad, Yemen, Serbia, and Egypt. Many of them also had lengthy criminal records, such as one Honduran national who had a total of 18 pending charges, and a Guyanese man who had convictions for kidnapping and assault on his record.

This latest crackdown is hopefully a sign of things to come, and sends a clear message to illegal immigrants all across this country: sanctuary cities can’t save you, and your days of living here and taking advantage of this country are numbered!

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Police say Lancaster girl, 3, was beaten to death, ‘died within minutes’

LANCASTER COUNTY, SC–A woman has been arrested in connection to the death of a 3-year-old who died in Lancaster County in December.

Kayla Marie Cook, 25, is charged with homicide by child abuse in the death of Lillian Schroeder. Lancaster police said Schroeder was found at her home just after 12 p.m. on Dec. 18 “lying on her back in the living room unresponsive.”

The young girl was rushed to Springs Memorial Hospital in a police vehicle while police and fire personnel performed CPR. The girl died just before 1:30 p.m. at the hospital.

According to the official warrant released Wednesday, Schroeder died from cerebral edema which was due to a blunt force trauma/injury to her head “within minutes” of receiving the injury.

The next day, a warrant was issued for Cook on the charges. She was arrested on Dec. 29 in Cleveland County and brought back to Lancaster on Tuesday, Jan. 2.

Cook told investigators she was alone with the young girl since 7 a.m. while the child’s father was at work on the day of her death, the warrant states. Officials said Cook said she put Schroeder in the bathtub, and when she came back to check on her she was lying on her back in the tub unresponsive but “looking around and breathing.”

The warrant also states that “numerous bruises were observed on several parts of the victim’s body.”

Cook remains in jail without bond.

The coroner said their office, along with Lancaster City Police Department and State Law Enforcement Division (SLED), were investigating the child’s death.

“This tragic incident has taken a heavy toll on the families involved. It has touched a lot of people, including the Community, First Responders, Officers and Investigators involved as well,” said Chief Scott Grant. “We will continue to speak for the young victim in this case as it moves forward through the judicial process.”

No further information has been released.

-RIP baby girl 😥

Miley Cyrus Decides Once And For All If She’s Leaving Trump’s America

Singer Miley Cyrus says she has decided to remain in the U.S., thus backtracking on a vow the star made to leave the country if President Donald Trump took office.

Instead, Cyrus, 24, told NME she will remain in the USA where she will continue to speak out against the Trump administration.

“I’m not f**king leaving the country, that’s some ignorant s**t, that’s dumb,” the singer said. “Because that’s me abandoning my country when I think I’ve got a good thing to say to my country.”

The star also addressed critics deriding Cyrus for backtracking on her previous vow.

“Trust me, I hear every day on my Instagram, ‘Just leave already! When are you going to leave?’ she remarked. “Well, that’s not going to do me any good. Does it really matter where I am? Because wherever I am, my f**king voice is gonna be heard, and I’ll make sure of it.”

“I’m not fighting fire with fire, hate with hate,” explained Cyrus. “I’m fighting hate with love.”

She continued, using a late 2017 concert in Las Vegas as an example, as well as a song, “Inspired,” which was reportedly written for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“I’m doing this concert this week in Vegas and for ‘Party In The USA’ the screens will say ‘education’ and ‘healthcare’ and ‘equality,’ ‘justice,’ ‘freedom’, ‘liberation,’ ‘expression,’” the star said. “These things are what make up our country. It’s not a party in the USA if it’s filled with hate, discrimination, walls, violence, all these things.”

“I feel like I have nothing to prove,” she said, according to NME.

Still, despite her reasons, not everybody is thrilled that Cyrus backtracked on her vow.

“Most celebrities are all hot air, no conviction,” wrote one person in Fox News’ comments section. “If you boast about what you will do; then do it. Just goes to show that most celebrities are liars and disgusting people.”

Another wrote their thoughts on NME’s page: “hey miley… you made a vow to leave … then you backtracked on that vow…. there is a word for that … ummm lets see … oh yeah …HYPOCRITE! and oh yeah .. A LIAR! glad to see you are off the drugs … (i hope) but as we can all see DAMAGE DONE!”

However, others defended the singer.

“I personally don’t understand why everyone is bashing her,” wrote one reader. “I mean so what she said she would leave and decided to stay, who cares it’s her decision either way. So many people speak their mind and say stupid things but don’t get bashed for it but because she’s a celebrity she does? Doesn’t make sense to me. She should be treated with respect just like everyone else.”

Sources: NME, Fox News / Featured Image: Jeff Denberg via Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: FleetWeekNewYork/Flickr, JJ Duncan/Flickr

-Over a year ago, Miley Cyrus said that she would leave America once Trump took office. Well, we finally know where she’s decided to go.