Michigan State Trooper Garry Guild Was About To Be Killed, Then Two Citizen Heroes Stopped It

Trooper Garry Guild Saved By Heroes
Berrien County, MI – Michigan State Trooper Garry Guild was in a fight for his life Monday morning when two hero citizens in two separate vehicles stopped to help him.

According to MichiganLive, the incident began about 8:43 AM on a U.S. 31 bypass near Matthew Road in Berrien Township when Michigan State Trooper Guild attempted to stop a speeding motorcycle. The 21-year-old unlicensed driver acted as if he were going to stop, then accelerated and fled.

He re-entered the freeway and was pursued by Trooper Garry Guild for three miles. The rider lost control on an exit ramp and wrecked. He quickly got to his feet and charged toward Trooper Guild.

As Trooper Garry Guild was wrestling with the driver, attempting to take him into custody, another vehicle stopped nearby. But the vehicle didn’t bring help for the Trooper. The driver was the 19-year-old suspect’s brother, who got out of that vehicle and began attacking the Trooper.

The suspect’s brother began choking Trooper Garry Guild while the suspect began punching him repeatedly in the face.

As Trooper Guild began to black out from the suspect’s brother’s choke hold, two brave citizens in separate vehicles stopped to help the Trooper. A 50-year-old man from Plainwell, who was not identified further, and a Berrien Springs citizen, Jerry Burnham, ran to the Trooper’s aid.

Lt. Melinda Logan of the Michigan State Police said “if not for passersby, I don’t know what would have happened.” She said that “watching the (Guild’s dash camera) video, cars kept driving by. It took pretty special people to put themselves at risk.”

Trooper Garry Guild was able to handcuff the first suspect, the motorcycle driver, while the two citizens subdued his brother.

The first suspect was placed into Trooper Guild’s vehicle, where he was able to unlock the patrol car’s door and escape. State Police vehicles do not automatically have cages and their back doors do not automatically lock. He was quickly re-captured.

Lt. Logan said that both suspects continued to fight even when subdued and in handcuffs. They didn’t stop fighting and resisting arrest until other Troopers and Officers arrived as back-up.

Both suspects were finally placed under control by Trooper Garry Guild, the two brave citizens, the Buchanan Police Department, the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department, and the Pokagon Tribal Police.

It is not known yet if either suspect was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Both suspects were not injured. They are currently at the Berrien County Jail but police say their names will not be released until they are arraigned.

Michigan State Trooper Garry Guild received minor injuries but was treated and released from a local hospital. He is a 21-year veteran of the agency. The Michigan State Police are continuing to investigate the incident, and have discovered that the motorcycle was stolen and may be linked to several near-by burglaries.

We send our thoughts and prayers to Michigan State Trooper Garry Guild, and our gratitude to the two brave, hero citizens, who risked their lives to help him. And we hope that this incident is a wake-up call for MSP and other agencies (yeah, there are quite a few) who don’t have a secure place in their vehicles for prisoners.

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