Mom Takes Matters Into Own Hands After School’s Response To What Bully Did To This 9-Year-Old

interactive maths games for money Kelly Turpin got a phone call on Feb. 3 – it was a phone call no mother wants to get. It was from her daughter’s school. The representative from the Alabama elementary school told Kelly that her nine-year-old daughter had fallen and needed to go home.

When Kelly arrived at the school, her daughter, Lanny had a different story. She didn’t just fall by herself – someone else did, on her.


Lanny said she was attacked by another student. Lanny said that she and her class were walking to art when a girl grabbed her and jumped on top of her. Then Lanny fell and hit her head on a metal pole.


As a result, she suffered a concussion. So, why would the school only tell half of the story? Did they think that Lanny wouldn’t be able to tell the whole story? The school nurse said it was all an accident. Seriously?


Kelly took Lanny to the hospital. Lanny is expected to make a full recovery. The girl who attacked Lanny was not punished at all. The real sad part of the story is that this is commonplace at the school.


The school needs to take a look at its policies. If they condone bullying and allow children to attack other children, something is very, very wrong. Are the school officials afraid of telling the truth?


Do they understand what the ramifications of letting bullies get away with violence? How can they call themselves educators? They should all be fired. Bring in a new principal that has no tolerance for bullying.


How can the children learn if they don’t even feel safe at school?


-Mom Takes Matters Into Own Hands After School’s Response To What Bully Did To This 9-Year-Old

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