Driver Spots Naked Little Girls Walking, Then Sees What They Were Really Covered In (Photo)

A postal worker was driving down the road when she spotted a pair of children and noticed that one of them was naked. However, she’d find upon closer inspection that what the girls were actually covered in was much worse than initially thought – and that’s when she heard an odd noise that would eventually answer everything.

Heather Shelton (Photo Source: Kait8)
Judy Arnold Alexander works for a post office in Sharp County, Arkansas, and one of her recent days on the job was anything but ordinary. In fact, you can imagine her surprise to find a 4-year-old and 2-year-old walking down a country road and to see one simply wearing a nightgown and the other completely naked.

Doing as anyone would do, Judy pulled over to see if the girls needed any help, but things only got worse. Upon closer inspection, the post office worker was beyond disturbed to find that the children were covered in their own feces.

“The girls appeared not to have had a bath in several days and appeared to be covered in what looked like feces,” Sharp County Sheriff Mark Counts said. Taking the two under her wing, Judy tried to help by finding the responsible guardian for the wandering duo.

While ushering the children down the road in search of their parents, quite an odd noise captured her attention. Blaring music led the woman to a nearby garage. “There she discovered 29-year-old Heather Shelton, sitting in a chair unconscious and surrounded by two pipes, a bag of marijuana, and eight bottles of open nail polish,” IJ Review notes.

Sadly, that wasn’t even the worst of it as Judy would call the police who stumbled across an even more disgusting discovery. According to reports, officers were alerted to an 18-month-old baby in the house who was worse off than the wandering two.

As the two older children were able to leave the house in an effort to fend for themselves, the same could not have been said for the youngest child. “The little baby boy’s crib had a used diaper in there that appeared to be there for a while, maybe up to a week,” Counts recalled.

Saying that it was the worst case of child neglect he’s ever seen, Counts did go on to explain that the children were cleaned up and are now being cared for by the Department of Human Services. Furthermore, Shelton was arrested on three counts of endangering the welfare of a minor, one count of possession of a controlled substance, and one count of possession of an instrument to commit a crime.

Although Counts is glad that Alexander was in the right place at the right time, the postal worker states that the kids are all she cares about. It is absolutely heart wrenching to hear stories like this and know that there are parents out there who would do anything to have a child. Either way, it looks like the DA is trying to throw the book at this subhuman piece of garbage – but I’d say she’s getting off easy if all she gets is jail time.

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-A postal employee was driving down the road when she spotted a pair of children and noticed that one of them was naked. However, she’d find upon closer inspection that what the girls were actually covered in was much worse than initially thought – and that’s when she heard an odd noise that would eventually answer everything.

DON’T STOP SHARING THIS! Bodycam Captures Two Georgia Cops Being Shot By Thug – Why Cops Can’t Hesitate!

Share this RIGHT NOW and DON’T stop sharing it if you care about our men & women in blue. This is the exact reason cops can’t hesitate or be too careful when dealing with any suspect.

Two Georgia police officers were shot last Monday during a routine traffic stop.

Bodycam video from one of the officers captured the harrowing ordeal.

Officer Jeffery Martin, 22, of the Lavonia, Georgia police force, and his captain, Michael Schulman, 50, had pulled over a vehicle and got word back from dispatch that the car was stolen.

The suspect driving the car was Khari Anthony Dashaun Gordon. Gordon had been arrested over 20 times prior to the shooting, and he was out on bond for attempted murder. Martin & Schulman were unaware of these facts.
After pulling Gordon over, officer Martin, a rookie who had only been on the force for a year, was questioning him.

Captain Schulman walked up and saw that Gordon’s hands were in his jacket pockets.

Seeing the danger, Capt. Schulman told Gordon to get his hands out of his pockets, and also asked to see what he had in them.

Gordon pulled an item out and showed it to Schulman. Gordon then put his hands back in his pockets. Captain Schulman again ordered Gordon to keep his hands where he could see them. That’s when everything went South.

In the video you can see the rookie officer looking down at something as his captain is telling Gordon to keep his hands where they can be seen. The rookie looks up just as Captain Schulman tells Gordon to keep his hands out of his pockets for the umpteenth time.

Gordon then disappears from the view of Schulman’s bodycam. He had stepped backwards and pulled a firearm.

A shot was fired.

Captain Schulman was hit under his arm. The bullet broke two of Schulman’s ribs & punctured his lung. Schulman can be heard screaming in pain, “Ahhh, ugh! SHOTS FIRED! DISPATCH, SHOTS FIRED!!”

Schulman’s backup, Officer Jeffery Martin, can be heard yelling to dispatch, “NEED ASSISTANCE, NEED ASSISTANCE, NEED ASSISTANCE!”

Schulman is then heard, yelling in unimaginable pain, “DISPATCH I’M SHOT! I CAN’T GET UP, I’M SHOT!!!”

Officer Martin then covered his captain so he could get to safety behind their cruiser.

Watch the unedited video footage from the bodycam.

WSB-TV, Atlanta reported on the story.

Earlier this year we covered a story about a rookie sheriff’s deputy who gave a suspect one too many chances. The deputy was shot 10 times – his dash-cam recorder capturing every second of him screaming in pain as he died.

It was probably one of the most difficult videos we’ve ever had to watch.

This is why cops can’t give anyone the benefit of the doubt.

This is why when domestic terror organizations like Black Lives Matter rile up crowds and tell them they want “dead cops now,” or, “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” need to be put on notice. We aren’t going to put up with cop killers or their supporters any longer.

This is why cops can’t hesitate. All they want to do is go home to their families at the end of the night – Just like the rest of us.

May officers Martin & Schulman mend quickly.

-DON’T STOP SHARING THIS! Bodycam Captures Two Georgia Cops Being Shot By Thug – Why Cops Can’t Hesitate!


One of the most influential celebrities in the world that goes by the name Robert Redford has issued a public statement that he completely supports and endorses the president Donald Trump and his policies.Redford expressed his opinion about the current American president Donald Trump . One of the main topics of his speech was his disappointment with the division which is present in the countries across the USA.

He believes that the situation was never worse and that there were times when it was possible for two sides to work together. However, it seems that today it is impossible and he feels sad about it. As a serious person, Redford believes that the people of America should support their current president and stay together once again.

The famous actor also mentioned that things have changed drastically since the Watergate scandal which took place in 1972 during Nixon’s presidency. Also, he made a comparison between the newest American leader and the former president Richard Nixon, whose presidency lasted from 1969 to 1974.
On the other side, his co-workers like Sydney Freeland, John Cooper and David Lowery consider that the artists are those who are the most important ones and they support art in the first place. Also, they have no intention to take any interest in politics, but they do not judge Donald Trump for anything.

We must say that his words do carry certain weight, since he is a decent, low-key man who never got involved into any scandals, affairs or dealt with suspicious people and engaged in shady business, so his opinion actually matters, unlike some other celebrities who voiced their opinions as well.

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—Do you agree with Robert Redford’s?

Dallas Cowboys Player FIRED After Disrespecting the Anthem

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wasn’t messing around when he said that there would be consequences for any player who continued to disrespect the national anthem during games, and one player learned that lesson the hard way.

Defensive end Damantre Moore decided to test the resolve of Jones’ threat, and while he did not kneel during the national anthem, he did raise a black power fist after it was played, which cameras were quick to focus on.

Moore quickly tried to backpedal on his choice to raise his fist in protest, telling reporters “I’ve got a lot of family members that are in the military.” He continued, “My brother just got done serving a tour. He was over there, stationed in Germany, both my granddads, my granddad and my stepdad, was heavily involved in the military. I’ve got other family members who are.”

Despite his attempts to sway the public by building his own connections with those who put their lives on the line for our country, Dallas officials saw through the facade and put Moore in his place, removing him from their roster Wednesday evening.

The defensive end has had a rough year with the Cowboys, and it seems like the protest might have just been the straw that broke the camels back. Earlier, Mr. Moore had suspended for the first two weeks of the season after violating a substance abuse policy, and more recently he was involved in an altercation at a nightclub, although it was ruled that he was not at fault in that incident.

Sep 25, 2017; Glendale, AZ, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Damontre Moore (58) against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Sep 25, 2017; Glendale, AZ, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Damontre Moore (58) against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Moore, however, was not the only member of the Dallas Cowboys to raise his fist in protest after the singing of the national anthem. Defensive lineman David Irving also joined in on the silent protest before the game, but as of now no word has come through as to whether or not he will be facing any kind of repercussion.

With Moore gone, a strong message was shot throughout the Cowboys organization: Disrespect our country, and face the consequences.

Jerry Jones wasn’t joking around when he said punishments would be handed out for those who make a mockery of the country, but I don’t think anyone, especially not Damontre Moore, could have seen such a serious action come down from the top. Makes ya think, that protest really wasn’t all that worth it after all, now was it Damontre?

-Jerry Jones does NOT mess around! Do you think owners have the right to fire players who disrespect our national anthem?

Customer Goes To Taco Bell. But When They Order? Keep Your Eyes On Cashier’s Hands…

Imagine trying to communicate when you can’t hear your own voice. Imagine walking around in a world full of noise, unable to hear any of it.

Although there are members of the deaf community who can speak and read lips well, that is not the case for all. Completing simple tasks would seem like conquering Mount Everest if we couldn’t fully communicate what we need or want.

Likewise, the simple task of ordering at Taco Bell would seem daunting. That was what one hearing-impaired customer experienced as he tried to ask for salsa and sour cream on the side. The customer was unable to communicate what he needed until 18-year-old Caleb Francis stepped in.
For two years, Caleb has been taking sign language as an elective. He could have taken art or music but he had decided to take sign language to try something new. Other students were taking languages like Spanish or French but the thought of taking this language class piqued his interest.

Signing turned out to be something Caleb loved and easily picked up. It came in handy when he helped this frustrated customer get what he needed. As Caleb helped the man, another customer thankfully caught it all on camera. Quickly, the video went viral.
Caleb’s manager, Jimmy Dickens, said that he has always been great with customers, so he wasn’t surprised to watch Caleb communicate with his customer with ease.

“When I saw the video, I was very happy and very proud. It’s exactly what Caleb would do,” Dickens said.

While Caleb was glad to help and to make his boss proud, he explained that his real joy comes from finding someone who knows sign language, who he can communicate with. Now that the word is out, Caleb has had more hearing impaired customers come to place their orders with him. It looks like he will have plenty of fellow signers to chat with and he’s excited for the opportunity to use his skill.

Now that the word is out, Caleb has had more hearing impaired customers lining up to place their orders with him. He’s excited for the opportunity to keep using his skill.
What do you think of Caleb’s decision to go against the grain by learning sign language, and his willingness to help his customer? If you’re inspired by the knowledge and leadership skills this young man possesses, be sure to share this story with friends and family on Facebook!

-When they catch it on camera, they IMMEDIATELY post it online.
Now, his actions have gone viral… Watch video internet is refusing to ignore.


A disturbing, outrageous act has hurt a family and caused outrage among dog lovers.

Kenneth Woodburn’s Facebook photo with a dog’s body

Kenneth Woodburn allegedly shot his neighbor’s dog, Tank, and posed with the dog’s body on Facebook. The Facebook post caught the attention of animal lovers and it went viral. The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department in Maryland was contacted and is investigating the incident.

Single mom Richele Ince and her four-year-old daughter are grieving the loss of their one-year-old dog, Tank.

The Baynet reported that Richele said she received a call at work from a relative saying that Tank had been let outside and did not return. Concerned he had left the property, she purchased a runner for Tank and when she got home she learned from her day-care provider that Tank had been shot.

Kenneth Woodburn’s Facebook photo with a dog’s body

screenshot of Facebook with Tank and Kenny Woodburn

Tank, a Pit Bull/Lab Mix, was a birthday gift for Richele’s daughter. Richele told Baynet that the puppy was very playful and did not have a mean bone in his body. Tank had become a mascot at the day-care center next door to Woodburn’s home and was well-loved by the children there.

Richele believed Tank was walking to the day-care center when he crossed into Woodburn’s yard. However, she said that she was told by a resident that Woodburn had actually lured Tank ont the property with treats before shooting him.

However, there are no witnesses to Tank’s shooting.

Woodburn posted the picture of himself with Hank’s body posing with him like he was a hunt trophy. He posted that if the Pit Bull came into his yard “Hey going to dye today”. He later alleged that Tank “charged him”.

However, Richele said that Tank was shot in the back, which indicates Tank was going away from Woodburn when he was shot. Woodburn also had an older dog and there appears to not have been any altercation with his dog, reported the Baynet.

Tank shot facing away from home

screenshot of Facebook with Tank and Kenny Woodburn
Screenshot from Facebook

Other photos taken of Tank after the shooting appear to show that Tank was facing away from the home (and towards the daycare) when he was shot.

Tank shot facing away from home

Tank shot facing away from home

In the photo above, Tank is facing towards the daycare, which is just past the hedges, according to a local resident who commented on the photo on Facebook. The photo below shows Tank facing away from a home, which may be Woodburn’s. These photos were allegedly taken by Woodburn and posted to Facebook before he deactivated his Facebook account, according to the Americans Against The Tea Party website.


Tank shot facing away from home

Tank was buried by his family at the day care where he was loved so much. According to the Baynet, the children at the day care were so distraught over Tank’s death that one of the children lay on Tank’s grave in the rain.

Both the Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control are conducting an investigation and said they will have the results soon. Animal cruelty is a felony charge in Maryland. Woodburn has several past run-ins with the law including drug violations, DUI and weapons violations.

A petition has been created by a relative of Richele’s asking that Woodburn be charged for killing Tank.

The latest update from Southern Maryland Lost and Found Pets says that Woodburn will be charged with animal cruelty.

—Coward man kills dog and poses for a trophy photo.

Cops Were Hoping It Was A Rumor, Then They Started To Dig In Her Backyard. Entire Town Devastated

Known as a “good girl” by friends and family, an 18-year old cheerleader from Ohio now faces a long jail sentence after police uncovered the grotesque truth about what she was trying to hide.

Brooke Skylar Richardson faces charges of reckless homicide after authorities uncovered remains of her newborn buried in her backyard. The evidence suggests it was not a stillborn baby, according to Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell. It was “born alive” said Mr. Fornshell, and “law enforcement is continuing to treat this as an ongoing investigation.”

Authorities received a tip from a local doctor to investigate the Richardson family home in Carlisle, Ohio. The tip came too late to save the baby, unfortunately, as forensic evidence shows it had been buried for over two months.

While the coroner has yet to determine the official cause of death, Richardson has already taken a clear position. On Friday she pleaded not guilty to the charges laid out against her by the State Prosecution Office, and according to FOX 5 Ms. Richardson was bonded out of custody until her preliminary hearing date on August 1st.

Her Attorney, Charles Rittgers, made it clear that this horrific act is at odds with Ms. Richardson’s character.

“She didn’t drink. She wasn’t a partier or smoker … She’s by all measures a very good person, ” according to Attorney Rittgers.

It is clear that Brooke Richardson forgot the most important instinct a mother can have: to protect her baby from any wrongdoing. No matter what her friends, family or attorney say about her being a “good person” in life, the fact is that what she did to her baby has all the signs of a sociopath. It’s crazy to think that her attorney describes her as a “good person” only two months after she knowingly murdered her newborn baby in her parents backyard. How disgusting and scary is that!

It’s still too early in the case to say how it will turn out, but one thing is for sure: Brooke Richardson should pay for her misdeed. This case brings to mind Casey Anthony, another young mother who ruthlessly took the life of her own baby. Let’s hope that Brooke Richardson faces the full punishment for her crime – unlike Casey Anthony who was able to walk free.

The legal system has a lot of nuances that make it hard to navigate sometimes. This is certainly true in the case of Brooke Richardson. Some will say that she should be locked up for years to pay for the crime of killing her own child. Others would say she was caught in a web of factors that were too overwhelming for her to change. Perhaps she did not want the child but felt pressure from her boyfriend or her family. From this point of view, Brooke Richardson has a strong case to plead not guilty of the charge of murder. It’s cases like these that show just how liberal our society has become.