Punks Refuse to Pull up Pants, So Look What Cops in 1 Town Are Doing

One of the most embarrassing trends of the millennial generation has been the “sagging pants” fashion trend that — for some unknown reason — young people think is attractive or cool.

There may be nothing worse than having to look at someone’s underwear while shopping at the local grocery store or pumping gas, so one South Carolina town has taken action to put a stop to the ridiculous fashion statement.

The Timmonsville Town Council passed an ordinance on Tuesday that would prohibit sagging pants, and a violation of the ordinance could result in fines, according to WMBF News.

The ordinance was introduced and passed 5-1 in an effort to promote self-respect and integrity in the town, Mayor Pro Tem William James Jr. explained, and police officers would now be enforcing the law against any “intentional display” of undergarments.

The exact language of the ordinance read:

It shall be unlawful for any person driving or walking in the streets and roads of the Town of Timmonsville to:

(a) Engage in public nudity;

(b) display pornographic material such that others are unwantingly exposed to the same or that minors are able to view the same;

(c) display the flesh of one’s rear-end, behind, or backside during stationary or movement within the city limits;

(d) wear pants, trousers, or shorts such that the known undergarments are intentional displayed/exposed to the public.

Law enforcement officers have been authorized to give a verbal warning to anyone’s first violation of the ordinance.

Upon a second violation of the “no sagging” law, the cops can issue a written warning and the offender’s name may be placed in a law enforcement registry.

If the violators still refuse to pull up their pants, they shall be issued a citation and a fine ranging from $100 to $600, as determined by a city judge.

There’s nothing cute or attractive about sagging britches in public. Now, it could be quite costly for those who refuse to obey the ordinance.

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Police Make HEARTBREAKING Find Next To White Man Gunned Down By Teens

According to NBC Philadelphia, the three black teens were playing basketball when one of them got the bright idea to go rob someone at random. After seeing a different man out walking his dog and deciding not to rob him, they saw 51-year-old James Patrick Stuhlman.

Stuhlman apparently would usually walk with his 13-year-old daughter, but on the night of his murder, he had told her to stay home because it was getting late, likely saving her life. As he walked down the dark street on March 12, the father and owner of a local landscaping company saw three teens approach him, and upon running into him they announced a robbery.

“At one point, he did plead for his life,” Captain James Clark said Thursday at a news conference, according to the New York Daily News. “He said, ‘Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me,’ and they still shot him one more time.”

On Thursday, 15-year-old Brandon Smith and a 14-year-old whose name has been withheld were arrested by police and said they had decided to rob Stuhlman rather than the other man they saw because he looked more vulnerable. The shooter, identified as Tyfine Hamilton, 15, is still at large and police consider him “armed and dangerous,” according to Clark. Sadly, the teens have all been in trouble with the law in the past.

“Get with your parent and turn yourself in before we come and get you,” warned Clark during a news conference Thursday afternoon. “We know where you are.”

Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker said that when police arrived at the scene Stuhlman lay in a pool of blood and was unresponsive. The successful business owner and family man apparently still had his flashlight in his hand, and what police found next to him was heartbreaking.

“The dog was lying next to him — appeared to be scared and in shock,” Walker said. “In his other hand, he had a flashlight.”

“His daughter goes for a walk with him almost every night,” added Clark. “For whatever reason, he said to her, ‘it’s a little late tonight I don’t want you walking with me.’ So in effect, he may have saved his daughter’s life.”

Smith has been charged in relation to the murder and is still in custody, but the other teen was only charged with robbery despite being an accessory. Police are now offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Hamilton.

What’s absolutely disgusting about this case is that if the roles were reversed, all we would be hearing about is how the teens were racist and this was a hate crime. Personally, I want to see these little bastards tried as adults to the fullest extent under current hate crime legislation and have an example made out of them for others not to follow in their footsteps.

-A Philadelphia man was gunned down by three black teens in cold blood while he was out for a walk, and when police found the man’s body, they made a heartbreaking discovery next to it.

Outback Workers Wish NOBODY Saw What They Wrote On Cops’ Receipt

Four Louisiana police officers were working their shifts as normal, and when it came time, they decided to go to Outback Steakhouse to grab a bite to eat for dinner. What they didn’t know was that as soon as they walked in the door, the manager and server took notice of their uniforms and planned to send them a message on their receipt.

The incident unfolded at an Outback in Slidell, where four on-duty local officers went in to grab some dinner, according to Fox8. Their meal was served as it should be, and there wasn’t really anything that stood out about the night until they received their receipt and were hit with a huge surprise.

“They’re the sweetest guys,” said server Zoe Rao. “I enjoy waiting on them.”

Apparently, the four police officers are good customers at the location, which manager Arline Wood, an 18-year veteran of the company, took notice of. So, she and Rao devised a plan together, and when it came time for the officers to pay the $67 tab, they quickly realized it was on the house. Not only did the server and manager pick up their tab, they left them a heartfelt note on the ticket, thanking them for their service to the community.


The note left on the receipt for the four police officers

“Be safe!” the note started at the very top of the receipt, before finishing their message to the officers at the bottom. “Thank y’all for y’all’s service! Enjoy y’all’s meal on us!”

In an effort to thank the two Outback employees, the Slidell Police Department posted an image of the receipt to their Facebook page, and as you would imagine, it quickly went viral. However, that’s not what Wood or Rao wanted at all. In fact, when asked about it afterward, Wood said the publicity has been a little too much to handle.

“I got a phone call early in the morning and I was like what are you talking about?” Wood recalled. “People were calling me and then we saw it on Facebook, then it’s on this one and that one, and we didn’t do it for this publicity, because Lord knows I don’t like all this publicity.”

The two generous employees now hope that their kind act will inspire others to do something to thank those who put their lives on the line daily to protect us. Oh, and for those wondering how the four officers reacted to Wood and Rao buying them a meal – they reportedly left a hefty tip to show their own gratitude.

Kudos to these women for providing an excellent example of how to thank our law enforcement, who volunteer to go out and face evil every day so that we don’t have to. This is the kind of thing we need to be seeing, rather than hearing about officers being denied service or otherwise being disrespected by people in service industries, because it’s acts of appreciation like this that remind them of why they do what they do.

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—That what they deserve to be thank for our police officers and there service to your community


Michael has been an inspiration to us all. This man has publically made himself vulnerable and transparent throughout his struggles with Parkinson’s.

Sometimes he seems to be winning and others it looks dark again. It’s been up and down. But, he never gives up.

“The truth is that on most days, there comes a point where I literally can’t stop laughing at my own symptoms,” he says.

“Just the other morning I come into the kitchen,” he says. “I pour a cup — a little trouble there. Then I put both hands around the cup. She’s watching. ‘Can I get that for you, dear?’ ‘Nah, I got it!’ Then I begin this trek across the kitchen. It starts off bad. Only gets worse. Hot java’s sloshing onto my hands, onto the floor.”

At the age of 18, Michael moved to Los Angeles. However, when he failed to bag acting roles overnight, he had to load up on the cheap and cheerful dish mac and cheese.

It didn’t take long before the roles came pouring in though, with his agent calling to tell him that he’d won the part of Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties in 1982. He then went on to star in the likes of Teen Wolf (1985), High School U.S.A (1983), Poison Ivy (1985) and Back To The Future (1985).

This was the beginning of an incredible career for this unbridled talent.

Michael J. Fox has been fighting Parkinson’s disease since he was first diagnosed in the 1990s, but he’s tragically losing this fight.

At 54-years-old, Fox’s speech is slurred and his left foot is so unresponsive that he’s often forced to drag it behind him. He is expected to become wheelchair dependent before the age of 60.

The often reclusive star took a night out with his wife Tracy Pollan in February of this year and required several helpers to enter and exit his vehicle.

According to Radar Online, a close friend said of the night out, “It was heartbreaking. Michael’s bravery knows no bounds. But as the disease takes its toll on his body, even he is beginning to see that his battle is a losing one.”

They continued to say, “Michael sees every day as a gift, as well as an opportunity to help other sufferers. His Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research has done so much and has raised millions of dollars, but a cure remains well out of reach.

Michael may be down, but he’s not out. It was a struggle for him during his rare outing, but as he headed away from the restaurant he even managed to flash a peace sign to his fans from the back of the limo.”

According to Snopes (because we wanted to verify this rumor), they said “Despite his condition, Fox has soldiered on with his acting career,” most recently starring as Mike Henry in NBC’s The Michael J. Fox Show portraying a newscaster with Parkinson’s who retires from work, and also playing a recurring role on the CBS drama The Good Wife as Louis Canning, an opposing counsel who suffers from tardive dyskinesia (involuntary visual tremors) and often uses his condition to his advantage by repeatedly calling attention to it in order to elicit sympathy during court appearances.

One thing is certain: Michael J. Fox, who in 2007 was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 people “whose power, talent or moral example is transforming the world,” has maintained his sense of humor and a forward outlook despite the difficulties of his medical condition.

He has also been tireless in using the opportunities afforded by his high public profile to raise awareness of Parkinson’s for other less visible sufferers.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to one of our most beloved actors who continues to advocate awareness and the fight against Parkinson’s disease.



A Texas father, who killed a pedophile after catching him raping his screaming 5-year-old daughter, will not face criminal charges, a court ruled.The 23 year old dad reportedly beat the rapist to death with his bare hands but will not be charged with homicide under state law.The man, who can’t be named to protect his daughter’s identity, caught 47 year old Jesus Flores molesting his five-year-old child in a secluded barn and subsequently killed him.

Law enforcement took into account that the father called 911 after the attack and accepted that he had tried to help him by contacting the authorities.Under Texas state law, deadly force is authorized and justified in order to stop an aggravated sexual assault or sexual assault.A Lavaca County grand jury decided not to press charges against the 23 year old father for the death Flores and felt he had already suffered enough from the ordeal.

According to the Daily Mail, under Texas state law, deadly force is justified in order to stop an aggravated sexual assault and coupled with the fact that the harrowing 911 calls made by the father back the claim that he even tried to save the pedophile’s life, led to the grand jury’s decision.Lavaca County sheriff’s deputies said that the father, whose name has not been released to protect the little girl’s identity, sent her and her brother to feed the family’s chickens.

The boy rushed back to tell his dad that someone had grabbed his sister and taken her to a small secluded shack and the father rushed towards his daughter’s screams and arrived to find them both with their underwear off.Flying into a rage, the father beat Flores unconscious but attempted to call 911 for the rapist after he had made sure his daughter was safe.

Sheriff Micah Harmon had said in June that he was not willing to press charges against the father, rather the case would be presented to a grand jury.At the time, Harmon said that the man was ‘very remorseful’ and didn’t know at the time he had killed Flores.‘You have a right to defend your daughter,’ Harmon told CNN at the time.

‘The girl’s father acted in defense of his third person. Once the investigation is completed we will submit it to the district attorney who then submits it to the grand jury, who will decide if they will indict him.’

Indeed, the father is heard profanely screaming at a dispatcher who couldn’t locate the property.Becoming increasingly frazzled, the father at one point tells the dispatcher he’s going to put the man in his truck and drive him to a hospital before sheriff’s deputies finally arrive.V’Anne Huser, the father’s attorney, sternly told reporters several times during a news conference at the Lavaca County courthouse that neither the father nor the family will ever give interviews.

‘He’s a peaceable soul,’ Huser said. ‘He had no intention to kill anybody that day.’The attack happened on the family’s ranch off a quiet, two-lane county road between the farming towns of Shiner and Yoakum. Authorities say a witness saw Flores ‘forcibly carrying’ the girl into a secluded area and then scrambled to find the father.

Running toward his daughter’s screams, investigators said, the father pulled Flores off his child and ‘inflicted several blows to the man’s head and neck area.’Emergency crews found Flores’ pants and underwear pulled down on his lifeless body by the time they responded to the 911 call.

The girl was taken to a hospital and examined, and authorities say forensic evidence and witness accounts corroborated the father’s story that his daughter was being sexually molested.‘Under the law in the state of Texas deadly force is authorized and justified in order to stop an aggravated sexual assault or sexual assault,’ District Attorney Heather McMinn told reporters in June.

‘All the evidence provided by the sheriff’s department and the Texas Rangers indicated that’s what was occurring when the victim’s father arrived at the scene,’ she said. Authorities said he expressed regret at the killing at the time, and no evidence so far has led them to doubt his story.

The girl’s grandfather agreed it had been an accident.‘My son. Sorry,’ the grandfather told the Victoria Advocate in broken English. ‘It was an accident.’Lavaca County Sheriff Micah Harmon added: ‘He was very remorseful. I don’t think it was his intent for the man to die.’Residents of the small Lavaca County town were largely in support of the father, saying the victim deserved it.

Sonny Jaehne, a Shiner native, told the Victoria Advocate: ‘He got what he deserved, big time. Friend Mark Harabis reiterated this: ‘I agree with him totally. I would probably do worse.‘The family will have to deal with that the rest of their lives, no matter what happens to the father. Even if they let him go, he and his child will have to deal with that the rest of their lives.’ CPM e CPC

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-No Charge For Father Who Killed Pedophile He Caught Raping His 5 Year Old Child

NFL BAD*SS J.J. Watt Just Made Jaw Dropping Show Of Support For US Troops In Afghanistan With A Very Very Special ‘Gift’

As 2017 draws to a close, there are two parallel stories that perhaps best define the current cultural dilemma America finds itself in. Both stories begin on the gridiron within the NFL, and both stories chronicle the journey of two gifted athletes.

One is former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick acknowledged by the mainstream media and by progressive activists for his courage and his “brave stand” against what they term “social injustice.” Moreover nominated as a finalist by Time Magazine, and nominated as “Men of the Year” by GQ Magazine.

Kaepernick’s accomplishments for his “bravery” and “courage” was taking a knee at the playing of our National Anthem, vilifying both our nations police officers and those who’ve worn the uniform…in short disrespecting America and those who’ve served.

The other is Houston Texans All-Star Defensive End J.J. Watt, who is seldom acknowledged by the mainstream media, and ignored by the “social justice” crowd, Time Magazine and of course GQ Magazine.

However nevertheless a hero to those in Houston Texas, after Hurricane Harvey devastated most of the region, Watt’s stepped up and donated $100,000 of his own money, and then raised almost $40-million dollars for the relief and recovery efforts for the Houston area, however he didn’t stop there creating the Justin J. Watt Foundation, he raised an additional $1-million dollars for after-school opportunities for children.

And if that wasn’t enough the AP Defensive Player of the Year in three of his first five seasons, showed once again that he is not just an All-Star on the field but also off it, offering to send an entire unit of soldiers fighting in Afghanistan pairs of his signature new shoes launching Thursday at midnight.

It all started with this Tweet from Watt:

The Tweet got a very quick reply:

Watt didn’t miss a beat and immediately stepped up:

Things escalated quickly inna very amazing way:

Folks on social media were quick to heap praise on the good deeds of J.J.:


No doubt America is a nation divided where sitting on the sidelines, raising a clenched fist in defiance or kneeling at the playing of our National Anthem somehow makes million dollar athletes courageous, winning them respect from a fawning press, while heroes like Watt’s quietly change the lives of thousands of individuals for the better.

Do you believe America is in a cultural divide that will only get worst with time?

Mother Loses All Her Family After Illegal Kills Them, Now She’s Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands

A Texas woman who lost her husband and two children in a car accident that was caused by an illegal immigrant is speaking out after learning the suspect was only sentenced to two years in prison.

Courtney Hacking says she got no justice after Margarito Quintero Rosales was sentenced to just two years in prison for causing a fatal car crash that killed three of her loved ones, All That’s News reported.

Peter Hacking, Courtney’s husband, was killed in the crash. The couple’s two children, 4-year-old Ellie Bryant and 22-month-old Grayson, were also killed in the collision.

Rosales is reportedly in the country illegally. He is illegally employed and was driving without a license at the time of the incident. He is accused of falling asleep behind the wheel before crashing head-on with Peter’s car.

Rosales also has a criminal history. He came to the United States illegally a few years prior to the collision and was arrested for burglary in Missouri. He then fled the country and returned under several different aliases.

Now Rosales has been convicted of criminally negligent homicide. He was sentenced to two years in prison — the minimum sentence for his crime. Authorities said they plan on deporting him when he completes his time.

Courtney was outraged by the sentence, which she deemed far too light.

“Today for me is offensive to our family,” Courtney said after learning about the sentence. “There’s no justice in what you’re getting today.”

“You weren’t supposed to be here. All of this heartbreak is because of you,” she continued. “You were in this country illegally for the second time. You were driving a car without a license, coming from a job you were illegally paid to do. Because of your selfishness, three beautiful people lost their lives.”

Courtney wants to see tougher punishment against illegal immigrants who commit crimes that result in deaths. She is reportedly working with federal lawmakers to make that happen.

“On behalf of my husband and my children, I can’t let this go,” Hacking said, calling the fact that Rosales was in the country illegally an “aggravating factor.”

Several social media users agreed with Courtney.

“This woman should not have to fight for justice for her family,” wrote one Facebook user. “It should be already in our judicial system the harshest penalty available is automatically delivered in illegals cases.”

“There’s no justice in sentencing him to 2yrs imprisonment,” added another. “Just taking into consideration he’s an illegal immigrant and this is his second felony should be manslaughter. As a woman I can’t imagine what she’s going [through].”

-Courtney suffered a horrific loss after this illegal immigrant killed her entire family. Now, she’s on a mission to change the laws when illegals commit crimes. Do you support her?

Sources: All That’s News, Newsiosity/Facebook / Featured Image: Jeffrey Beall/Flickr / Embedded Images: YouTube via All That’s News

Mom Tells Man “DO NOT GET IN THE CAR.” He Got In The Car. What She Did Next? AMAZING!

When faced with certain circumstances, some people can’t help but act based on their instincts. In this instance, instincts just happened to save the day for one Florida mother and her kids. Angie Padron was at a Tom Thumb service station getting gas in Hialeah, Florida, as she has done a thousand times before. However, this particular day something happened that Angie would have never predicted.

Out of nowhere, an armed man jumped into the driver’s seat of her vehicle while another was banging on the passenger side window. She frantically yelled at the carjackers, but they continued to get into the car. All the while, Angie’s kids were in the car watching everything unfold.

Thinking of her children, Angie ran to the driver’s side of the car and jumped into the car after the carjacker. She was able to get him out of the seat and after removing his mask, the carjackers aborted their mission as they left in a getaway car. Angie stated she wasn’t thinking about guns or what they could have done to her.

Her first thought was to protect her kids, and thankfully things ended well. Her seven-year-old son, Evan, said, “My mom was yelling at him, saying, ‘Get out of the car, get out of the car, get out of the car, right now!’” Security cameras got footage of the suspects, which gave the police enough information to catch the two men and their getaway driver, about a mile down the road.

“I was yelling at him, ‘My kids are in the car. Don’t get in the car.’ … And he got in anyway,” Padron said.

The two kids have one brave mother, who wasn’t about to let anything happen to her children. It goes to show you don’t want to get between a mom and her kids! Thankfully in this situation the suspects were caught and nobody was harmed.

Young Punk Thinks He Can Away With Spitting In A Marine’s Face, Learns Harsh lesson

Disagreeing with the government and the way it does things is one thing, but going after the man who fights your battles on the front lines is just plain wrong. But one liberal “activist” had to learn that reality the hard way.

While a group of Marines arrived to participate in an event at Rocks on the Range in Columbus, Ohio, they figured it would be a great opportunity to share their love for America. But during the event, one Marine’s wife took out her phone and started recording because a liberal hippie, out of nowhere and seemingly unprovoked, approached the group of Marines and started calling them “murderers.”

As he continued to deride the men who put their lives on the line to defend our freedom, the stoic soldiers did not give an inch to the man’s plan to shame them into fighting in the United States military.
But then, in a vulgar display of dissent, the liberal spit into the face of one of the Marines. That’s when he learned why you should never do that.

The video, below, has gone viral and Americans are angry. Check it out and see what came of this liberal hippie punk…
The Marine’s wife, who witnessed everything, was shocked to see this man approach her husband and call him a “murderer.” She had never really thought about what it meant when her husband went to fight terrorists and the realization hit home.

Later the Marine posted his wife’s video with the caption, “guy walked up and spit in my face and another Marines (sic) face.” He next wrote, “Dude almost got his ass kicked,” – and did he or what?

In the video, you’ll see the Marine taking a power position with his arms outstretched as he confronts the man who is calling him a “murderer”.

The young punk turns to leave several times, clearly angry, but the Marine keeps talking to him, trying to intimidate him.
The at the 45-second mark in the video, the punk approaches another Marine standing off to the side and gets in his face. The original man, who had his arms outstretched in front of him before, walks over and tries to break things up because it is getting out of hand.

He spits in the Marine’s face. Then his brothers in arms walk over and stand in front of him. The liberal avoids a beat down when a Columbus police officer walks over and tells him to get away.
Because the Marines didn’t want to resort to violence, the man who got spit in his face, wrote on Facebook: “A big thanks to Columbus P.D and Ohio Highway patrol for assisting,” because they came to break it up.

If the police had not gotten between them, the liberal probably would have wound up on the ground. Why they didn’t just beat him down for spitting in the Marine’s face? I don’t know.

Do you think this thug should have been punished for spitting in the Marine’s face?

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Young Man Tackles Down Girl During Vegas Attack. Gets Text At 2:30 am From Her Sister

As many of us know, a tragedy unfolded during the final set of the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. Just as Jason Aldean broke into his performance, a man perched on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel opened fire on the crowd of 22,000 enjoying the show below.
The initial moments of the attack were filled with confusion – something that Renee Cesario will have to live with forever. Thankfully, there was a guardian angel looking over her shoulder during the entire ordeal…

A few hours before the chaos erupted around them, Renee and United States Marine Brendan Kelly spent the evening dancing to the carefree country music and soaking up the happiness of the people around them.
Then the incident began.

Without thinking twice, Brendan jumped on Renee and made sure she was safe from the line of fire. After the pair escaped the scene, Renee shared the full story with the Love What Matters Facebook page:
“Brendan and I met only 2 hours before the Jason Aldean show. I left my friends so we could go up super close to the front for the end of the night.

We were just dancing and having fun and then all of the sudden there were loud noises that sounded like fireworks, but no lights were going off.

It stopped, and Jason Aldean kept playing but then the shots fired again and he ran off the stage.”

“Before I knew what was going on, Brendan tackled me down to the ground and covered me from the fire. It stopped again and he looked around to see what was happening and then it just kept going. He looked at me and said, ‘We have to get out of here. We can’t stay here. It’s not safe.’

Then he pulled my arm up to get me out of the piles of people. We had no idea who was dead or who was alive. We just started to run. He kept telling me it was going to be okay and to keep running until we were safe. He even let me use his phone to stay in touch with my sister so she knew I was safe, which is the text you’ll see [below].

The whole night he didn’t leave my side.”
Without Brendan’s bravery, Renee easily could’ve been one of the 58 concertgoers whose lives were taken or the 515 who were injured by the man targeting innocent people.
Now she’s counting her blessings and hoping Brendan receives the credit he deserves for

Thankfully, these two made it out of the situation unscathed physically. However, thoughts and prayers go to the many who lost loves ones and for the recovery of so many injured. Beautiful stories of courage and bravery such as this bring a light of hope amidst the sadness.

-Just 2 hours before Renee met this young Marine. Suddenly he tackles her to the ground speaking words she will never forget. She immediately contacts her sister – and it’s her text message that has gone viral .