Her husband is killed in Afghanistan, then she opens his laptop and finds a file he had hidden from her

This happened a while ago, but it contains one of the most beautiful expressions of love I’ve every seen so I couldn’t help but share it again here.

Back in September 2010, U.S Army 1st Lt. Todd Weaver was serving in Afghanistan when he was killed by an explosive device.

His widow, Emma, was devasted, and his 9-month-old daughter, Kylie, would never know her loving daddy.

Todd’s body was flown back to the U.S. and he was given a hero’s funeral in Arlington National Cemetery.

Sadly, Emma and Kiley never got to say goodbye to the husband and father they loved so much. And Todd never got to say all the things he wanted to say to Emma and Kiley before he left. Or so Emma thought…

Then two days after Todd’s funeral, Emma turned on his computer and found something incredible. Just sitting there in a folder were two Word documents. One was named “Dear Emma” and the other “Dear Kiley.”

Todd must have written the letters before he was deployed to Afghanistan in case the worst happened.

They’re both beautiful testaments of the love of a heroic husband and father to the two loves of his life.

Read the two heartbreakingly beautiful letters below:
The first letter is from Todd to his wife, Emma:

Dear Emma:

Well if you are reading this, I guess I did not make it home and therefore, I was not able to remind you again of how much I love you.

I love you so much baby and I will always love you. Although I may not be here right now, take comfort in the fact that I am watching over you right now.

I am not gone and I will always be with you in spirit. I know this time must be hard for you but I also know how strong you are.

Never forget that God knew what was best for us before we were even born. Take comfort in that. This happened for a reason. Although you may not believe it now, you will one day.

I want you to know just how important you are to me. I could not ask for a more caring, beautiful and loving wife. The memories that we have shared over the last few years have been the best of my life. Although it may seem like my life was cut short, I lived a life that most can only dream of. I married the perfect woman. I have a beautiful daughter that amazed me every day.

I even had two great dogs — at least most of the time. I couldn’t ask for anything more. If you feel sad, just think back to the memories that we shared. Look at our daughter and how beautiful she is.

Be strong for her. Remind her about her Daddy and tell her that I loved her more than anything else in the world. Her birth was the best day of my life and she was the best thing that ever happened to me. Her smile and laughter represent all that is good and beautiful in this world.

Tell her that Daddy is in heaven now and will watch over her and protect her every minute of every day. I love you Emma. But never be afraid to do what you need to do to be happy. It is so important that you continue to find happiness in your life. Although you may think this is impossible right now, have faith.

Much better times are coming. You and Kiley have a wonderful life ahead of you and I am so happy to have shared some of it with you.
The second is from Todd to his 9-month-old daugher, Kiley:

Dear Kiley, My Sweetie:

Although you may not remember me, I want you to know how very much your Daddy loves you.

I left for Afghanistan when you were 9 months old.

Leaving you was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

You are so very special to me sweetie — you are truly a gift from God.

The best day of my life was the day you were born.

Every time I saw you smile my heart would just melt.

You were my sweetie — my life was not complete until you were born.

I am so sorry I will not be able to see you grow up.

But remember, your Daddy is not gone. I am in heaven now smiling down on you every day.

You are so very lucky to have such a wonderful Mom to take care of you.

Make sure you are good for her and help her out whenever you can.

Always remember to say your prayers at night and be thankful for all your many blessings.

Never forget how important and special you are to so many people.

We love you so very much. When you get older and start school, do your best and try to learn as much as you can about the world you live in.

Always be nice and caring to others and you will discover that the world will be nice to you.

But when things aren’t going your way, never forget that God knows what is best for you and everything will work out in the end.

You have such a bright and beautiful future ahead of you.

Have fun. Enjoy it. And remember, your Daddy will always be proud of you and will always love you.

You are and will always be my sweetie.

With very much love,
Your Daddy

Nothing can ever make up for Emma and Kiley’s loss, but we’re so glad that Todd was able to write these letters before he died and that Emma found them.

Todd sure seems like he was an incredible husband, father and human being. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Please share this story with all of your friends and loved ones if it also touched your heart.

—Her husband is killed in Afghanistan, then she opens his laptop and finds a file he had hidden from her.

Harley-Davidson Refuses Military Wife’s Late Payment, Then She Sees Note They Attached

When Harley-Davidson dealership owner Dennis Packee wrote a letter to a soldier’s wife, he never expected it to go viral. He was only trying to reach out to an individual who he knew was going through a struggle. And although he wrote the letter from his heart, he could never have guessed that it would touch so many thousands when it was later shared online.

Before he was deployed overseas, Christopher Walters rented a space to store his motorcycle at Reiman’s Harley-Davidson. While he was away, his wife Jaime failed to stay on top of the rental space payments. With two children to watch over, she was overwhelmed with all the responsibility now that Christopher had left for his tour of duty.

Because unexpected problems popped up, Jaime fell behind on the Harley-Davidson payments. And when she realized her mistake, she sent the late check in the mail with a long apology. Now Dennis Packee’s response has gone viral…

In her letter, Jamie explained why the payment was late. And when Dennis read her reason, he refused to take her money. He knew that she needed it more than him.

“You send that money back to her,” he told his office employee. “I never, ever!”

Decades ago, Dennis was almost drafted into the Vietnam War. But when he had his medical examined, he was discharged. Since then, he has understood the sacrifices the men and women who serve America make on a regular basis.

And Dennis has always been looking for creative ways to give back. When he saw Jamie’s letter and late payment, he knew this was one of those opportunities.

Accepting Jamie’s money was not only a problem for Dennis, it was against a policy Dennis instituted more than 18 years ago.

He wrote back to Jamie, returning her money, and explaining the dealership policy.

“Enclosed, you will find the check you mailed to us regarding the account of Christopher,” Dennis’s letter read. “It is the policy of Reiman’s Harley-Davidson to waive storage fees for our active duty service members who are deployed. It is our honor to keep your bike safe and secure while you provide us with our freedoms.”

And he forgot all about it…

Until he was flooded with calls of goodwill. Random people started thanking him. Jamie had posted Dennis’s letter online and it had gone viral…

Because Dennis doesn’t even use Facebook, he didn’t know how it worked. But the attention not only shocked him but increased his love for America.

“It was impossible to answer them all. I got to thinking, this is America and people DO care. They care about their soldiers and they’re expressing that,” Dennis said. “America is still America. I was a little worried about how our country was going, and to see people step forward in this way, it’s just enlightened me. A small effort like this, and look where it’s gone. Maybe more will do the same thing.”


What do you think about this Harley-Davidson dealership’s act of kindness?

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—When Harley-Davidson dealership owner Dennis Packee wrote a letter to a soldier’s wife, he never expected it to go viral. This restores my faith in humanity!

Bikers Heard This Marine’s Remains Were Coming Home In A USPS Box. They Couldn’t Let That Happen.

The Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) is an organization based in the United States whose members attend the funerals of members of the U.S. military, firefighters, and police at the invitation of a decedent’s family.


The group forms an honor guard at military burials, helps protect mourners from harassment and fills out the ranks at burials of indigent and homeless veterans. In addition to attending funerals, the group also greets troops returning from overseas at homecoming celebrations and performs volunteer work for veteran’s organizations such as Veterans Homes according Wikipedia.

Staff Sergeant Jonathan Turner served seven tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and died last week in California from combat-related injuries.


His mother was unable to make the trip from Georgia to California for the funeral and the Marine Corps handled all of the funeral arrangements – including shipping Staff Sergeant ashes back home. And that didn’t sit well with Patriot Guard riders, so they stepped up by creating a caravan and personally escorting SSgt Turner’s remains all the way across the country. It was an operation that involved hundreds of volunteers and thousands of miles ridden.


“I got on the road at 6 o’clock [Friday] night out of Huntsville, Alabama and I rode over to Oklahoma,” Asha Lamy said. “I need the family to know that you’re not alone and we care.” Each time the remains were turned over to another group of riders, a ceremony was held to pay their respects for the fallen warrior.

“We did this primarily because his mother was unable to attend the services, and he had been cremated and we didn’t want him to go home in a Fed Ex box,” Oklahoma Patriot Guard Riders Capt. David Noble said.


According to the Patriot Guard website: “Turner was a great leader who inspired his fellow Marines, both in the Corps and in daily life. You were his friend if you knew him for five minutes or five years. He would give you the shirt off his back.”

-Bikers Heard This Marine’s Remains Were Coming Home in a USPS Box. They Couldn’t Let That Happen.

Veteran shoots himself at point blank range because “he’s being crazy to help other vets”

In what appears to be the most dangerous publicity stunt ever, a veteran shoots himself at point blank range with a 9mm Glock pistol.

MooLon Labe Home For Veterans and Semper Fi Farms founder, USMC veteran Karl Klimes, partnered with Infidel Body Armor to pull off a few stunts that most would agree are just “crazy.” Karl claims hes will to do whatever it takes to reach his goal of creating a home to save struggling veterans.

WARNING: Never attempt any thing in this video as it was preformed and supervised by professionals

“Upon my exit from the Marine Corp I was faced with many issues from not knowing what to do for a job, to flash backs, to severe anxiety, which lead to substance abuse. Unfortunately, when I got out of the Marine Corp it was during the Phoenix VA scandals. The Phoenix VA was of little to no use or help to me at all. At this point I was very close to taking my own life and becoming one of the 22 Veteran’s a day we see taking their life. It was not until I came up to a farm my father purchased in White Lake Wisconsin that things began to change. I offered to help manage and take care of his farm and animals for him. This is when and where I learned that there was more to life. As I have told the many people I have met that moving to Northern Wisconsin and starting farming has literally saved my life. It was not until I started to work with animals, and then purchased some of my own that I started to feel a sense of purpose again in my life. It was exactly like in the military because I was once again responsible for life, just like when I was a fire team leader in the Marines. The sense of purpose and joy I got from waking up every day knowing that I was responsible for those beautiful animals gave me such joy once again. ”

His charities are hoping to provide housing for veterans and possibly their families while offering work on his farm in Wisconsin. He believes this therapy, which includes equine therapy, saved him and would like to share it with others.

Tomorrow, Karl will be moving in his first veteran for the weekend to experience the farm and ride horses. He would like to be hosting more veterans but his initial fundraising has fallen short of its goal -hence this crazy publicity stunt.

You can help MooLon Labe Home For Veterans and Semper Fi Farms reach their goals by donating on GoFundMe.

If you don’t believe hes committed to his cause, watch his original stunt where he shoots himself nine times:

BREAKING: 11 Texas Soldiers Mysteriously Drop Dead, All Had One Horrific Thing In Common

Eleven U.S. Army soldiers have been found dead on and off U.S. military base Fort Hood in Texas under “mysterious circumstances.” While working to determine how nearly a dozen young and healthy men were suddenly dropping dead, investigators found one chilling thing between them that they all had in common, showing this likely wasn’t a coincidence at all.

Over the past three months, police in Fort Hood have been overwhelmed with an unusual number of death investigations, all of whom have been Fort Hood soldiers who are dropping at an alarming rate. The most recent victim was 23-year-old Sgt. Alex Taylor of Texas City, Texas, who was found unresponsive while working Wednesday on the base. Now, the Army’s Criminal Investigations Command is taking a closer look at Taylor’s death, Stars and Stripes reported Friday.

“At this point in the investigative process we do not suspect foul play, but have not completely ruled it out while we conduct a complete and thorough death investigation,” Criminal Investigations spokesman Christopher Grey said.

This response comes after a series of mysterious deaths started piling up, the first one occurring on October 12 and haven’t stopped since. Another soldier was found unresponsive at work in that same month, and each month since, all being discovered in the same strange manner, all of which were healthy one day and dead the next. However, the next three deaths all shared something else in common that make their fatalities different than the first ones.

24-year-old Pvt. Kevin Paulino from Fort Hood died from a gunshot wound while he was off base as the first of three to have been killed in the same way, according to Stars and Stripes. Their deaths are also under investigation by the Army since answers into what happened was not immediately clear.

Pvt. Dakota Lee Stump, 19, was another of the long line of fatalities who was finally found almost a month after going missing on October 10 when he was declared as having gone AWOL. However, his body was found Nov. 3 next to his flipped vehicle by soldiers conducting land navigation training just 100 yards from the road, an Army release stated.

Three other soldiers all from Fort Hood died on November 12 in a suicide bomb attack at Bagram air base in Afghanistan: Staff Sgt. John Perry, 30; Private First Class Tyler Iubelt, 20; and Sgt. 1st Class Allan Brown, 46, the Houston Chronicle reported.

There have never been so many deaths in one time among soldiers all from the same base. What’s even more odd is that the mysterious fatalities happen in threes under the same circumstances. There definitely seems to be something intentional about the commonality of them all being from Fort Hood since the pattern that’s now evident can’t just be a coincidence.

Military bases across the United States have been on high alert for months after a series of security breaches and incidents have occurred. Now, we’re getting word of injured Special Operations Soldiers who have been rushed to local hospitals after what happened on base where these heroes thought they were safe.

A massive explosion on base at Fort Bragg in North Carolina has injured at least eight special operations soldiers today. This comes just weeks after 15 Marines were injured during transport when their transport plane crashed into a Mississippi field and 3 Marines were killed in a crash off Australia’s eastern coast this summer, according to UPROXX.

Authorities are trying to determine how this could have happened today at Fort Bragg and have already discovered some unfortunate answers.

This isn’t the first incident to happening the last several months on a U.S. military base, and probably won’t be the last. However, the outcome is the most detrimental this year.

The Daily Caller broke the tragic news and details of this event today which unexpectedly injured these Special Operations soldiers.

Eight soldiers were injured during a training exercise at the U.S. Army base at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, on Thursday, the military said in a statement.

The soldiers hurt during U.S. Army Special Operations Command demolitions training were taken by air and ground to multiple local hospitals, the statement said.

The extent of their injuries and cause of the incident were not released.

Lieutenant Colonel Rob Bockholt, a base spokesman, said he could not confirm local media reports of an explosion occurring during the exercise.

“What exactly happened is under investigation,” he said.

On Wednesday, 15 Marines were injured when an amphibious assault vehicle caught fire during training at Camp Pendleton in California, the Marine Corps said.

The conditions of the injured soldiers were not immediately made public and have yet to be determined. The Gateway Pundit reports that several were transported via emergency medical helicopter to the Womack Army Medical Center. What specifically caused the blast is still under investigation.

“There are injuries but we don’t know the extent,” Special Ops Command Lt Col Rob Bockholt said, according to Fox News.

“The incident at Fort Bragg comes just a day after a vehicle fire at Camp Pendleton in California left 15 Marines injured — eight of them in the burn unit — following a training exercise accident,” Fox News pointed out.

The theory goes that “one accident is bad luck; two is a coincidence; three is enemy action.” Today’s incident marks the second within just a couple of days, but could actually be the third, in a series of horrific events on bases. We previously reported of what could now be considered the first of this trifecta of tragic occurrences, which ended much differently than these most recent cases.

Naval Station Norfolk, in Virgina, went on high alert after what was discovered under water just outside the secured piers that surround it. Just like air space around U.S. fighter jets, naval stations are surrounded by a defined barrier of protection. That was breached today with who was able to get dangerously close and why.

The naval station is guarded by sailors who work watch in shifts for anything or anyone who may pose a threat. This particular base contains 60 war ships, “including the fleet’s newest and most technologically advanced aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford,” the Associated Press reports. This carrier had recently returned to the pier following a successful test of new equipment that launches and lands jet fighters.

There are a lot of adversaries who could try to infiltrate our military in a mode of attack, which is why it’s important to have sailors monitoring the base and its 14 piers at all times. Today, the spotted something amiss in the water which had encroached upon a no-go zone for anyone who is not authorized.

The Washington Post reports:

Officials say a scuba diver appears to have breached a barrier at the country’s largest naval base and they have stepped up security as a result.

Navy spokeswoman Kelly Wirfel said several sailors on watch at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia briefly saw the person Monday in the water near the secured piers.

A security gate sits in the water surrounding the base and its 14 piers. Wirfel says security teams are looking for the person while restricting access to and from the piers.

Adding to the cause for concern was that Wirfel said, “It was not a Navy diver, and they also confirmed that there were no divers in the water for maintenance.”

Now we have three very alarming events which have occurred on U.S. military bases within the last couple of months. This could be a coincidence or perhaps something more deliberate. Regardless of the cause, our American heroes need to stay vigilant and on high alert even when on base after what we’ve seen in the last couple of years, that these secured places are susceptible to attack.

—BREAKING: 11 Texas Soldiers Mysteriously Drop Dead, All Had One Horrific Thing In Common


After dedicating your life to your country, serving in a war, and getting injured to protect what you love the most, you’ve given your all. Meet Sergeant Luciano Yulfo.

He served for 36 years in the military and was involved in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

During that time, in July of 2014, he was injured while deployed in Afghanistan and was forced to medically retire from active duty.

That did not stop him from doing what he loved most–Serving this country. Following his injury, Sergeant Yulfo was stationed at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for two years where he retired his career in April of 2016.

After Sergeant Yulfo retired, he returned to America where he applied for some help with his healing. He specifically applied for a service dog. Service dogs are known to be anything from companions for those with PTSD or they are able to recognize if their owner is going to have a medical issue before they are aware.

The importance of service dogs are prominent when it comes to having them at your side, but the supply is very low where demand is very high. Thank goodness for programs like Paws of War and the Hoops for Troops Program for making actions like these possible.

Sergeant Yulfo was asked to attend a basketball game for the Knicks on November 9 where he thought he was going to get a service award. While he didn’t get an award, he did get a custom jersey.

The best part of this whole event? The Knicks program, Hoops for Troops, allows dreams like this to come true for those that have served their country. In this case, Hoops for Troops programmed with Paws of War to provide a service dog for Sergeant Yulfo.

In the video, you will see Robert Misseri from Paws of War presenting, Murphy, Sergeant Yulfo’s new best friend to him on center court. A truly emotional and wonderful gift to be given.

While an award is great to have for display purposes and as a visual for all your accomplishments, a best friend is way better. Sergeant Yulfo will be able to properly heal now that he has his service dog all thanks to the Hoops for Troops program and Paws of War.

-Sergeant Luciano Yulfo served in the military for 36 years but was forced to retire after being injured while he was deployed in Afghanistan. The New York Knicks asked him to attend one of their games, but it never crossed his mind that he would leave in tears. 😭


You have probably heard his name before. He is a true American hero. His name is William Kyle Carpenter. He fought for this country as a United States Marine. At the age of 21, he earned the rank of Lance Corporal. In 2010, he was sent to fight in Afghanistan. During a firefight, Kyle saw a grenade land near where he and another Marine were fighting.

Without a second, though, Kyle used his body as a shield and covered the grenade. He was willing to give his life to save the life of a fellow Marine.
The human body was not designed to withstand that kind of explosive force and Kyle’s body had been severely damaged

Not only did he have shrapnel all over his body the bones in his skull and face were shattered. But, Kyle survived.

Part of his jaw as lost, his lung collapsed, and he was even pronounced P.E.A. when he finally got to Camp Bastion.

P.E.A. means patient expired on arrival. So, technically the enemy grenade did kill him – but he wasn’t done here on earth yet, and he came back.

He also got the Medal of Honor which was given to him by President Barack Obama.

Today, Kyle is retired from the military and is working on getting his degree in International Studies from the University of South Carolina.
Over the next two years, Kyle had forty different surgeries.

He was awarded the Purple Heart for his act of incredible bravery.

In his spare time, he gives motivational speeches and charity work.

Take a look at this video