Report: Vanderbilt Nurse Practitioner Didn’t Render Aid to Injured Deputy

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – There are questions about what happened in the moments after an officer-involved shooting.

The June 28 incident at the 100 Oaks Vanderbilt Clinic left a Robertson County deputy shot and badly hurt and the federal inmate he was transporting dead.

Now there are allegations that a Vanderbilt nurse practitioner responded to the scene, but didn’t offer help to the deputy.

Robertson County Deputy Josh Wiley was shot seven times, according to Berry Hill police reports. As Wiley was on the floor, bleeding profusely, Berry Hill police officers responded to the scene.

According to those responding officers, it was then that the Vanderbilt employee came into the room, declared inmate Rodney Cole dead and left without rendering aid to the bleeding deputy.

“The suspect had already been determined to be deceased by a medical doctor on the scene that had left,” said Chief Bennett.

He said four of his officers were first on the scene responding in just over a minute. They were met by a Metro-Nashville police officer.

His reports show Lt. Gleixner and CPL Hill applied first aid to Deputy Wiley following the attack at the medical center.

Officers can be heard on radio a transmission as they race from the third floor of the crime scene back to their cars to obtain medical kits.

“…Third floor, there’s only three of us, John.10-4 going down the stairs, I gotta get my med kit, need to stop the bleeding on the officer shot in the right side.”

According to reports, Hill applied a tourniquet to Deputy Wiley’s leg, Gleixner applied gauze and shortly after Metro Officer Ron Black arrived on the scene and assisted in applying gauze as well.

The question now, was the Vanderbilt nurse practitioner who pronounced the inmate dead obligated to render aid to Deputy Wiley?

State Health Department referred us to the statutes for the board of nursing.

A section on unprofessional conduct and negligence includes “abandoning or neglecting a patient requiring nursing care and discriminating in the rendering of nursing services.”

The head of the licensure division indicated there may be some provision under which a doctor could refuse to render care.

A doctor who has served as the chair of the Tennessee Medical Association said there are expectations, but no obligations to offer help when needed.

She also said that doctors and nurses are all taught basic lifesaving support, and most people in the profession have those skills use them if they are called upon.

Robertson County Sheriff’s Department said they were made aware of the information, but “would not be commenting on this particular issue since we were not involved in those discussions.”

Metro police said they do not know anything about the Vanderbilt employee failing to render aid to the deputy or pronouncing the prisoner dead.

Additionally, Vanderbilt Medical Center and asked if they were aware of the reports out of the Berry Hill police department.

The chief communications officer responded by sending a statement that said in part, “As with any adverse event, we have conducted a full analysis. We have opened our doors to the Metro-Nashville Police Department to investigate this matter but decline to respond to questions about any individual’s performance related to this event.”

Deputy Wiley is still recovering from his injuries. He is expected to undergo additional surgeries to repair his leg.

-This deputy was bleeding out, but the nurse refused to help.

Man Gets Pulled Over, Ignores Cop’s Request & Says One Chilling Word

When Matt Powers got pulled over near Altoona, Pennsylvania, he had no clue what he did wrong. However, when the police officer approached and made a simple request, Matt ignored what he asked and said one chilling word that immediately put them both on edge.

Matt Powers was driving down the road when he unexpectedly got pulled over by an Altoona police officer. Unbeknownst to the officer, Matt had something inside his car that made him uneasy when the officer approached and asked him for his driver’s license, registration, and insurance card. However, he ignored the officer’s request and instead informed him that he couldn’t comply because his handgun was where the papers were.

As any concealed carry holder knows, it can be stressful deciding whether to reveal to a police officer that you have a weapon for fear of how they will respond. However, the encounter between Matt and the officer has now gone viral, after Matt shared the incident on Facebook.

Matt’s post begins by explaining that he had been pulled over while he had his loaded and concealed handgun on him, but he shared the story to prove a point.

“He approached the driver’s side and asked if I knew why he stopped me and I said I did not,” Matt explained in his post. “He said my registration expired June 30 of 2016. He asked to see my drivers license, registration, and insurance card.”

However, instead of immediately complying with the officer’s request, Matt instead explained, “As I kept my hands firmly locked at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel I immediately stated…..For your safety and mine, sir, I would like to inform you that I am a legally armed citizen. I have a concealed carry permit in my wallet.”

Of course, there was one minor problem – his pistol was in the same compartment as his registration and insurance card. Then, out of respect to the officer, he informed him exactly where the compartment was located, saying, “Please be careful, there is a round in the chamber, the thumb safety is on, and there’s an extra magazine with it.”

The police officer instructed Matt to keep his hands on the wheel while he retrieved the weapon. However, what Matt did next was completely voluntary and respectful of the cop’s safety – he gave the officer permission to take possession of the gun and offered to get out of the vehicle while he retrieved it.

Taking things one step further to ensure that the police officer felt as safe as he could, he asked the officer if he would like to search him for any other weapons. Eventually, the officer returned the weapon and gave Matt a warning ticket, instructing him to get his registration up to date without any further problems.

If you are respectful to a police officer, he or she will also be respectful of you. If you present yourself as a threat, they will treat you as one. As Matt said himself, “It’s about everyone’s safety. It’s about respect. When you treat people with civility you get treated with civility.”

Respect and honesty can go a long way. If you are a concealed carry permit carrier, it’s important to act responsibly with your weapon – which includes encounters with the police.

—Man Gets Pulled Over, Ignores Cop’s Request & Says One Chilling Word

Illegal Kidnaps 6-Year-Old, Cops Horrified By What He Put Inside Her

Edis Moya Alas, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, snuck into a southeast Fort Worth, Texas home and kidnapped a sleeping 6-year-old girl. When her father realized his precious daughter was missing, he immediately called the police, who would be left absolutely horrified to discover what the man did to the innocent little girl.

Alas took the child without her parents realizing that she was missing until the morning. When the girl’s father awoke around 5 am, he discovered that their front door was wide open and his precious baby girl was gone, prompting him to call the police.

A search and rescue party quickly formed and began to look in the immediate area for the young girl. Nearly 8-hours later, she was discovered after a man heard screams coming from the woods, but finding the child would be met with horror as police realized what the sick immigrant had put inside her, causing her chilling screams. Unfortunately, after kidnapping the young girl and taking her to the woods, Alas decided to rape the innocent child, forcing himself inside her small frame.

Once the coward was spotted by police, he tried to flee. “He hid from officers. There wasn’t much of an area for him to run back there,” explained Fort Worth Police Capt. Deven Pitt, according to Daily Mail. As for the girl, she immediately ran towards the police for help. “She was very scared,” Pitt said. “She was very nervous. She obviously didn’t get to where she was by herself.”

The girl was reported missing by her father before dawn on Saturday
A local resident of southeast Fort Worth reported hearing screams in a wooded area eight hours after the girl went missing
When cops arrived at the scene, they saw a man with the girl
Edis Moya Alas was arrested and it was discovered he is in the country illegally
Once police located Alas in the woods, he was arrested and placed in the Mansfield Jail on a $200,000 bond. It was learned that he did not have proper documentation and is in our country illegally.

There is nothing more infuriating than the thought of a child getting raped by a sick man who shouldn’t even be in our country, making it a crime that was completely preventable if our leaders cared enough about the safety of American citizens to secure our borders. When you hear about stories like this, where American lives are being ruined at the hands of illegal immigrants, Donald Trump’s wall doesn’t sound so “cruel” and “inhumane” anymore, does it?

Michigan State Trooper Garry Guild Was About To Be Killed, Then Two Citizen Heroes Stopped It

Trooper Garry Guild Saved By Heroes
Berrien County, MI – Michigan State Trooper Garry Guild was in a fight for his life Monday morning when two hero citizens in two separate vehicles stopped to help him.

According to MichiganLive, the incident began about 8:43 AM on a U.S. 31 bypass near Matthew Road in Berrien Township when Michigan State Trooper Guild attempted to stop a speeding motorcycle. The 21-year-old unlicensed driver acted as if he were going to stop, then accelerated and fled.

He re-entered the freeway and was pursued by Trooper Garry Guild for three miles. The rider lost control on an exit ramp and wrecked. He quickly got to his feet and charged toward Trooper Guild.

As Trooper Garry Guild was wrestling with the driver, attempting to take him into custody, another vehicle stopped nearby. But the vehicle didn’t bring help for the Trooper. The driver was the 19-year-old suspect’s brother, who got out of that vehicle and began attacking the Trooper.

The suspect’s brother began choking Trooper Garry Guild while the suspect began punching him repeatedly in the face.

As Trooper Guild began to black out from the suspect’s brother’s choke hold, two brave citizens in separate vehicles stopped to help the Trooper. A 50-year-old man from Plainwell, who was not identified further, and a Berrien Springs citizen, Jerry Burnham, ran to the Trooper’s aid.

Lt. Melinda Logan of the Michigan State Police said “if not for passersby, I don’t know what would have happened.” She said that “watching the (Guild’s dash camera) video, cars kept driving by. It took pretty special people to put themselves at risk.”

Trooper Garry Guild was able to handcuff the first suspect, the motorcycle driver, while the two citizens subdued his brother.

The first suspect was placed into Trooper Guild’s vehicle, where he was able to unlock the patrol car’s door and escape. State Police vehicles do not automatically have cages and their back doors do not automatically lock. He was quickly re-captured.

Lt. Logan said that both suspects continued to fight even when subdued and in handcuffs. They didn’t stop fighting and resisting arrest until other Troopers and Officers arrived as back-up.

Both suspects were finally placed under control by Trooper Garry Guild, the two brave citizens, the Buchanan Police Department, the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department, and the Pokagon Tribal Police.

It is not known yet if either suspect was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Both suspects were not injured. They are currently at the Berrien County Jail but police say their names will not be released until they are arraigned.

Michigan State Trooper Garry Guild received minor injuries but was treated and released from a local hospital. He is a 21-year veteran of the agency. The Michigan State Police are continuing to investigate the incident, and have discovered that the motorcycle was stolen and may be linked to several near-by burglaries.

We send our thoughts and prayers to Michigan State Trooper Garry Guild, and our gratitude to the two brave, hero citizens, who risked their lives to help him. And we hope that this incident is a wake-up call for MSP and other agencies (yeah, there are quite a few) who don’t have a secure place in their vehicles for prisoners.

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Husband Of Slain Officer Struggles Raising Newborn Baby, Then Gets 32-Pound Delivery (Photo)

A group of California mothers are taking it upon themselves to help a 4-month-old baby whose police officer mother was shot and killed in Palm Springs on Oct. 8.


Lesley Zerebny, 27, was responding to a domestic disturbance call when she was shot, along with two fellow officers, according to The Associated Press. She had been with the Palm Springs Police Department for a year and a half and had just returned to duty following maternity leave.

On Oct. 11, more than 500 ounces of breast milk were donated to Zerebny’s family, according to KTVU. It came from a group of women from Northern California’s Monterey area and the milk will be screened and tested before it is given to Zerebny’s 4-month-old daughter, Cora.

The effort was led by a woman identified only as Ashley, who saw a call for prayers on social media and inquired about whether the family could make use of donated breast milk. She was told that yes, it could be helpful, and within a day, a month’s worth of milk was delivered in coolers.

Ashley told KTVU she “just wanted to do a good thing in a bad situation.”

The Palm Springs Police Officers Association indicated that if more people are looking to help, they should send Enfamil baby formula to the department.

The man suspected of killing Zerenby, 26-year-old John Felix, was apprehended later, following a shootout with police, reports AP. He is expected to be charged with the murders of Zerebny and her partner, Jose Gilbert Vega, a 35-year veteran of the force who was set to retire soon.

Zerebny and Vega were speaking with Felix through a screen door at his home when he suddenly opened fire with an assault rifle. A third officer who was hit is recovering from his injuries after being treated at a nearby hospital.

The incident marked the first time since 1962 that a Palm Springs police officer has been killed in the line of duty.

Memorial services for Zerebny and Vega are scheduled for Oct. 18.

Sources: KTVU, AP via CBS News / Photo credit: KTVU

—Lesley Zerebny, a police officer, was shot and killed in the line of duty. The man who took her life also stripped her newborn daughter of a mother. Officer Zerebny’s husband thought things couldn’t get any harder, what with having to raise their baby on his own – and then a 32-pound delivery showed up at his door.

Hilarious: When A Lawyer Tried To Trip Up This Cop In Court He Gave The Best Reply Ever

This policeman gave an unsuspecting lawyer a dose of his own medicine. When the defense attorney brought the officer’s integrity into question during a cross examination for a felony trial, the officer had the best comeback EVER:

Q: “Officer — did you see my client fleeing the scene?”
A: “No sir. But I subsequently observed a person matching the description of the offender, running several blocks away.”

Q: “Officer — who provided this description?”
A: “The officer who responded to the scene.”

Q: “A fellow officer provided the description of this so-called offender. Do you trust your fellow officers?”
A: “Yes, sir. With my life.”

Q: “With your life? Let me ask you this then officer. Do you have a room where you change your clothes in preparation for your daily duties?”
A: “Yes sir, we do!”

Q: “And do you have a locker in the room?”
A: “Yes sir, I do.”

Q: “And do you have a lock on your locker?”
A: “Yes sir.”

Q: “Now why is it, officer, if you trust your fellow officers with your life, you find it necessary to lock your locker in a room you share with these same officers?”
A: “You see, sir — we share the building with the court complex, and sometimes lawyers have been known to walk through that room.”

Everyone in the courtroom immediately started laughing out loud and cheering for the officer. The judge was forced to call a recess after the event. What a beautiful thing!

If you thought this was funny, please share this post.


—Hilarious: When A Lawyer Tried To Trip Up This Cop In Court He Gave The Best Reply Ever…

Dairy Queen Employees Calls Cops “Pigs,” Company Responds With 6 Perfect Words.

Dairy Queen in Hammond, Louisiana (left), police officers (right)
When the entitled employees at a Dairy Queen location in Hammond, Louisiana, saw a group of local police officers walk into the establishment to grab a meal, they responded in the vilest way. The employees began loudly insulting the hard-working cops, who were well within earshot, calling them disgusting names like “pigs” and “crooked.” If they thought they could get away with such disrespectful behavior, though, they were sorely mistaken.

Daily Queen has now issued a response to the workers who felt it appropriate to insult members of the local law enforcement community, and it is exactly what you want to hear.

Apparently two Tangipahoa Sheriff’s deputies inside had ordered dinner and paid for it. They were waiting on their dinner when cooks and other employees in the ice cream station began openly and loudly disrespecting them.

Unfortunately for the Dairy Queen employees who decided to dish out insults along with the fast food, the police officers were not the only ones who heard them. Another diner in the ice cream shop that day witnessed the entire upsetting ordeal and did what any concerned citizen would do in 2017. He posted about it on Facebook.

While the restaurant did not elaborate on the situation, others on Facebook explained what reportedly happened. In one post, a man wrote he witnessed kitchen staff berating two sheriff’s deputies – calling them “pigs” and claiming that all officers are “crooked.” The deputies asked for their money back and left, the poster wrote, and explained the manager told employees to keep their comments to themselves.

The incident happened Saturday and by Monday morning, others had taken to the store’s Facebook to post their displeasure. [Source: WBRZ]

Without skipping a beat, Dairy Queen issued a public response via Facebook the same day, saying, “We are aware of the incident that took place this weekend in our Hammond store. The employees involved have been terminated. We take these types of incidents very seriously and appreciate our communities involvement.”

The company continued, “Our relationship with the Hammond community is of the utmost importance and we respect and support our HPD/TPSO officers,” adding, “We do not tolerate any derogatory behavior towards officers or any customer.”

The company’s decision to terminate these employees immediately proves that they do take such matters seriously, and they do genuinely care about the hard-working law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line each day in order to protect the community. In other words, they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Dairy Queen made the correct call in this situation, hands down, and hopefully, it taught a few disrespectful punks a lesson that they’ll have plenty of time to ponder while unemployed.

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–When the entitled employees at a Dairy Queen location in Hammond, Louisiana, saw a group of local police officers walk into the establishment to grab a meal, they responded in the vilest way. The employees began loudly insulting the hard-working cops, who were well within earshot, calling them disgusting names like “pigs” and “crooked.” If they thought they could get away with such disrespectful behavior, though, they were sorely mistaken.

Cops Go To Pick Up Food For Grieving Family Of Deceased Officer, Are Met By This Cashier

A man’s unsolicited generosity toward the colleagues of a recently slain police officer has given St. Louis County police renewed hope in their relationship with the public.

In the early morning hours of Oct. 6, Officer Blake Snyder, 33, was shot and killed by an 18-year-old man who had been accused of causing a disturbance in suburb outside of St. Louis, according to KCRA.

Snyder’s killing left the St. Louis County Police Department reeling.

“Obviously the most stressful event that the police department can face is the loss of an officer,” Lt. Karl Bulla said, according to KSDK.

Later that day, Snyder’s family, friends and colleagues gathered to lament his death. Eventually they grew hungry, and decided to order food from Chick-fil-A. When Bulla and his partner went to pick it up, they were told the $500 order had already been paid for.

“The young lady behind the counter said I just want to let you know this is taken care of,” Bulla recalled. “We’re like, ‘No, the Welfare Association’s going to pay for it.’ She’s like, ‘No, it wasn’t taken care of by us, although we would’ve done that. It was taken care of by a gentleman who, don’t tell him, but he’s sitting right behind you.’”

The officers were taken aback by the man’s act of kindness.

“It’s emotional, you know?” Bulla said. “And that’s the thing that gets officers through this. It get us through this because the public, I think, are generally good. They support the police department.”

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, explained to them that last July the St. Louis police had apprehended another suspect accused of shooting an officer in his back yard. This was his way of repaying them.

Bulla said he and his colleagues hope to return the favor in some way.

“You’ve got my card. I’d love for you to call me because we want to take care of you,” Bulla said he told the man. “If I can just buy you a coffee or take you out to lunch somewhere it’s the least I can do for you.”

The St. Louis County Police Welfare Association, in tandem with the West County Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association, are hosting an event on Oct. 14 to raise money for Officer Snyder’s family. Snyder is survived by his wife and 2-year-old son, according to KCRA.

—This police officer was murdered in the line of duty. His fellow cops decided to go to America’s most popular fast food chain to buy food for his grieving family. When it was their turn in line, they were met by this cashier

Cameraman Takes A Snap Of A Cop And Teen Who’ve Never Met. Then He Notices It

Ever since we were children, our parents taught us that strangers could pose a potential danger. Many people are taught to keep their eyes to themselves and ignore other people lest they threaten them. Strangers can be scary because you never know what their motives are and what they are capable of doing.

On the other hand, an Irish saying always stuck with me, “Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.” And that saying shows a friendly side of approaching people you don’t know. How can you truly judge whether someone is a threat or a potential friend if they haven’t said or done anything to you yet?

In search of answers to this problem, one photographer sought out strangers and proceeded to transform them into comfortable pals. The results of this project are stunning and uplifting.

The photo project called “Touching Strangers” created by brain-child and New York photographer Richard Renaldi delivered some shocking results.

Renaldi used a large format 8×10 view camera to capture strangers in positions where they were forced to touch each other.

He has been collecting images of unlikely pairs since 2007 when his passion project first began.

Rinaldi walks and explores the streets of New York City with his camera. When he spots two strangers who look like they’d have nothing to do with each other, he approaches them and proposes his idea.

More often than not the random strangers agree to pose for Rinaldi’s photo project. They stand next to a stranger and they touch.

Because they are touching each other in the photographs, the strangers appear to be family or very close friends.

The images differ. In some of them Renaldi asks his models to pose face-to-face or side-to-side. But one thing is always the same. They have some kind of hand or body contact.

Because of the intimate contact, the viewer cannot tell that these two people are complete strangers who have never even looked at each other before Renaldi approached them.

In a world where murders and crimes happen on a regular basis, these images which show people connecting through touch offers us a new way to approach strangers and people we don’t know. Maybe, if we give people a chance, we could become friends with them.

In the video below, you’ll watch as Renaldi poses two complete strangers for the old-time photograph.

Some of the photos you’ll see in the collection shared in the video make it hard to tell they’re not friends. While others capture the awkwardness of cuddling with a random dude.

Even when Renaldi’s subjects seem willing, they often give off sense of nervousness. But a few minutes into the shoot, it’s like a family Thanksgiving. Everyone becomes fast friends.

Surprisingly, most people who participate in the project say it breaks down a lot of barriers between people. And it feels good to connect like that with a stranger.

How do you think you’d respond to this man’s quirky request for a photo?

-Can you spot why this photo is going viral a thousand times over?

Brave Officer Risked Life To Save Teens … When He Returned To Precinct He Was Promptly Fired

A Brier police officer found himself out of a job after leaving his post to respond to an active shooting situation in a nearby town.

After 25 years of service, Officer Dan Anderson had been retired as a Washington State Trooper, and chose to settle down and enjoy the quiet life of patrolling the 6,000 resident town of Brier.

Anderson sought out a graveyard shift position, and it was not uncommon for the small town to receive no emergency calls in the middle of the night.

That’s why, when Anderson heard the call of an active shooting in progress, in the nearby town of Mukilteo, as well as the call for “all available officers,” Anderson did not hesitate to respond.

According to Blue Lives Matter, 19-year-old Allen Ivanov arrived at a house where a party was being held, armed with an AR-15.

Apparently, Ivanov was upset that his ex-girlfriend was with someone else, because the teenager murdered her and two other party goers.

Officer Anderson heard the call over the radio, and was one of the first officers to arrive on the scene.

Brier PD Officer 1

The former State Trooper entered the residence, along with two other Mukilteo officers, to put a stop to the shooter before anyone else was killed.

KIRO7 reported that during the last hour of Anderson’s shift, at around 4:30AM, Chief Mike Catlett arrived to formally tell Anderson that he was fired.

Blue Live Matter points out, through interviews with other officers of the precinct, that it would have been highly unusual for the small town of Brier to have received an emergency call during Anderson’s absence, and should such a call come in, there were other agencies on hand to step in.

After national outrage sparked up, over the firing of a hero in blue who left his post to run towards danger and save someone’s life, Brier Mayor Bob Colinas issued a public statement to address the matter.

Colinas explained that Anderson was not fired for leaving his post, but because he was not “meeting the expectations of the Police Department.”

“In fact, Mr. Anderson was let go from his probationary employment because it was determined that during his probationary employment he was not meeting the expectations of the Police Department in several key performance related matters.

Prior to the Mukilteo incident, these matters were pointed out to Mr. Anderson by the Police Chief during his probationary employment in an effort to seek improvement in Mr. Anderson’s performance.

Mr. Anderson was allowed to repeat his field training with a second field training officer. Ultimately this effort proved unsuccessful and a conclusion was reached that Mr. Anderson should not become a full time post-probationary police officer with Brier.”

Keep in mind that Anderson is a 25-year-veteran of the Washington State Troopers, and is not a brand-new recruit out of college.

Aside from that, however, if Colinas is to be believed, that Anderson failed a second field training to improve his performance, then why was Anderson allowed to be the only officer on duty in Brier, on the night that he left his post to stop a shooting?

Is Colinas really saying that the department did not trust Anderson to be a police officer, but let him serve, by himself, anyway?

-Brave Officer Risked Life To Save Teens … When He Returned To Precinct He Was Promptly Fired Hit Like to support this officer