Paula Jones Launches Into Trump Critics: I don’t recall Bill or Hillary apologizing while Bill got ‘his wee wee . . . under the Oval Office desk’ … ‘Hypercritical Liberals!”

One of the alleged sexual assault victims of former Democratic President Bill Clinton has spoken out against the hypocrisy surrounding the response to the sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump compared to the sexual assault allegations against Bill Clinton.

Since the election of President Donald Trump, his political opponents, including “journalists” at CNN, have been on full-attack mode. They have gone after Trump over trivial matters such as the number of ice-cream scoops he gets when receiving guests at the White House all the way to more serious matters such as accusations of Donald Trump being a sexual predator.

The sexual predator allegation is based almost entirely on an “October surprise” that occurred during the 2016 presidential race. NBC had, in its possession, behind the scenes footage from their Access Hollywood television show.

In this footage, Donald Trump is heard speaking to host Billy Bush. Trump’s comments were lewd and referred to him hitting on a married woman as well as having the ability to grope women in the entertainment industry without them objecting.

When the tape went public, after being leaked to the Washington Post, Trump immediately apologized for the remarks, and NBC received some backlash for sitting on the video for eleven years, until one month before a major presidential election.

Regardless, the locker-room talk was a severe blow to the Trump campaign, and hurt his support among several segments of his support base.

Despite the video, Donald Trump went on to win the White House, but the accusations of him being a sexual assaulter have been following him from Leftist activists and Drive By Media personalities. Feminist groups, Leftist political pundits, and Drive By Media personalities, all of whom were silent during the Clinton years, are holding nothing back in trying to paint Donald Trump as a man who is not worthy to be in office because of what he said on a ten-year-old tape.

Paula Jones, a former Arkansas state employee who accused Bill Clinton of actually committing a sexual assault, cannot help but notice the hypocrisy.

“Two faced hypocritical liberals!”

Jones accused then-Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her, and before the statute of limitations expired, filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton’s husband during his time in the White House.

Several other women came forward with accusations, including Juanita Broaddrick, who claimed she was raped, Kathleen Willey, who claimed to have been sexually assaulted, and Gennifer Flowers, who claimed to have had a decade-long extra-marital affair with Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton adamantly denied each of these allegations, and the Clinton team went on the attack against each and every one of the women who claimed to be victims.

Clinton’s lead strategist, James Carville, said of Clinton’s accusers,

“Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.”

Chief of Staff Betsey Wright called Clinton’s accusers the “Bimbo Eruption Squad.”

Juanita Broaddrick claimed that Hillary Clinton, the “champion for women’s rights,” approached her at a fundraiser and subtly threatened her to keep quiet in a sort of Francis Underwood type manner. She says that Clinton gripped her hand and said,

“I just want you to know how much Bill and I appreciate what you do for him.”

When Broaddrick tried to pull her hand away, Clinton gripped it tighter and said,

“Do you understand? Everything that you do.”

In addition to mocking, attacking, and delegitimizing any and all of Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual assault victims, the Clintons established a solid wall of deniability that seemed impenetrable. Bill Clinton made several appearances in which he stared straight at the camera, denied having any sexual relations with these women, and perjured himself during the Paula Jones lawsuit when he claimed not to have had a sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinski. According to Bill Clinton’s testimony, oral sex is not a sexual act.

After the semen-stained blue dress made an appearance, as well as secretly recorded phone calls between Clinton and Gennifer Flowers, it soon became clear that Clinton and his political machine had been lying through their teeth.

The fallout was that Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones an $850,000 settlement, with the majority of that going to her legal team, and Clinton earned himself the moniker “Slick Willy.” One of the stipulations of the settlement was that Bill Clinton would not have to apologize to his sexual assault accuser.

Paula Jones was outraged at the treatment that Donald Trump has been receiving over his comments on a ten-year-old video tape compared to the actions of former President Bill Clinton.

“So Donald Trump had to apologize about the woman comments… I don’t recall that Bill or Hillary has apologized to me and Juanita Broaddrick or Kathleen Willey yet Bill was getting his wee wee sucked under the Oval Office desk and still won a second term…”

It’s been said before, and we’ll say it again: If the Democratic Party did not have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

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-Paula Jones Launches Into Trump Critics: I don’t recall Bill or Hillary apologizing while Bill got ‘his wee wee . . . under the Oval Office desk’ … ‘Hypercritical Liberals!” Paula Jones Takes Down Trump Critics Following Sexual Harassment Stories And Liberal Responses

BREAKING News Out Of NYC – He’s Just Been Found Dead After Exposing The Clintons – This Is HUGE!

Another day and another dead body with a connection that cannot be ignored as Hillary Clinton’s body count seems to be on the rise once again, after a brief reprieve of no sudden, mysterious casualties. The latest is possibly the most shocking yet in the truly startling trail of dead bodies that keep accumulating around this crooked woman with major secrets she’s desperate to keep hidden no matter who has she has to kill off to ensure it. It didn’t take long for her latest victim to be found dead in his pricey New York City apartment by his 11-year-old daughter who discovered his death that’s strangely been ruled a “suicide” even though how it happened suggests otherwise.

In what’s being reported as a famous surgeon to the star’s unexpected suicide brought on by stress, the timing of his death after what he just exposed of Hillary’s cannot be ignored. Why would a wealthy, acclaimed trauma surgeon with three young daughters kill himself in a particularly gruesome manner in his home? We’re not the only one asking this very important question. The way he died would have been particularly difficult to do to himself. Furthermore, when his daughter found him and called for help, she reported it as an assault, a fact that Democrats are desperate to hide.

The New York Daily News reports:

Investigators were treating the death of Dr. Dean Lorich as an apparent suicide, sources said.

“He was under some personal stress,” a police source said. The surgeon was home with his daughter, police said, adding there were no signs of forced entry at the tony Upper East Side apartment at Park Ave. and E. 96th St.

The girl alerted the building’s doorman, who called 911. Police said the call was regarding an assault.

Cops found the 54-year-old doctor’s body in the bathroom around 1 p.m. The knife was near his heart, a source said.

Lorich’s wife was playing tennis at the time, police said.

Lorich, a father of three girls, was the associate director of the Orthopaedic Trauma Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery. He was also a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Although he’s known for his many accomplishments and treating notable figures like U2’s Bono and was also on a team of doctors who helped NYPD Officer Tarrell Lee recover after an SUV plowed him over, his alleged connection to the Clintons has just surfaced.

Neon Nettle reports:

One of the United States’ leading surgeons, who exposed misappropriation of funds by the Clinton Foundation in Haiti, has been found dead after being stabbed in the torso.Dr. Dean Lorich was found on the bathroom floor of his New York apartment by his 11-year-old daughter with a knife still stuck in his chest at around 1 pm on Monday.

Those who follow Wikileaks and have investigated Hillary Clinton’s emails may recognize Dr. Dean Lorich’s name already.

In 2010, Lorich was part of a relief effort that flew to Haiti as a volunteer to offer his skills for civilians who had been injured during the earthquakes that devastated the region. Within 24 hours of the earthquake, a 13-member team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, and operating room nurses was assembled, with a massive amount of orthopedic operating room equipment, and flew to Port-au-Prince with Dr. Lorich.

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “charitable” Clinton foundation led the relief effort in Haiti raising millions of dollars from around the world to help the people recover from the natural disaster. Sadly, most of the funds never reached the people of Haiti, but instead, lined the pockets of the Clintons’ associates who were meant to redevelop the nation, but never delivered.

Dr. Lorich and his team were there to help save the limbs of those injured, which without the proper medical treatment, would have meant amputation for a lot of people. Lorich described amputation in those conditions as a “death sentence” and hoped to treat as many sufferers as possible, saying:

“We expected many amputations.

“But we thought we could save limbs that were salvageable, particularly those of children.

“We recognized that in an underdeveloped country, a limb amputation may be a death sentence.

“It does not have to be so.”

With the amount of money that was being donated to Haiti for the victims, Lorich and his team expected to have full support when their plane touched down. Instead, he described the situation as “shameful” and witnessed, first hand, a huge misappropriation of funds, with the people affected by the disaster receiving no help whatsoever.

Dr. Lorich was disgusted by what he saw and sent an email to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Cheif of Staff Cheryl D. Mills to report what he had seen. The email was forwarded to Hillary Clinton which meant it then found it’s way into WikiLeaks’ possession and can be read here.

Unsatisfied with the lack of response from Clinton’s people, despite the fact that they had clearly read his email, Lorich wrote an article for CNN that exposed what he found when he arrived in Haiti.

“We found scores of patients with pus dripping out of open extremity fractures and crush injuries,” reported Lorich.

“Some wounds were already ridden with maggots.

“About a third of these victims were children.

“The entire hospital smelled of infected, rotting limbs and death.

“Later on, we would judge our surgical progress by the diminishment of the stench.

“As we got up and running and organized the patients for surgery, we told our contacts in the United States [the Clintons] what we needed.”

Unfortunately, that help never arrived.

“We left feeling as if we abandoned these patients, the country, and its people, and we feel terrible,” said Lorich, adding: “Upon our departure, we witnessed pallets of Cheerios and dry goods sitting on the tarmac helping nobody.

“Yet our flight of critical medical equipment and personnel had been canceled.

“Our role back in New York is to expose the inadequacies of the system in the hopes of effecting change immediately.”

Dr. Lorich’s reports on Haiti shone a huge spotlight on the level of corruption that was taking place in Haiti while Bill and Hillary Clinton reaped the praise as the faces of the relief effort.

Hillary Clinton never seems to be able to escape scandal and as long as she’s a free woman, rather than being locked up where she belongs, she will be continued to be questioned in everything that she has any kind of connection to.


Queen Elizabeth has personally removed Michelle and Barack Obama from the guest list for Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle, according to British reports.

Invitations to Royal weddings in England have traditionally been extended to the sitting President of the United States and the current First Lady, so when Queen Elizabeth saw what Michelle Obama was up to – trying to sneak a spot at the wedding at the expense of the real POTUS and FLOTUS – she delivered Michelle a well-deserved and humiliating beatdown.

While Barack Obama has been traveling around the world, operating as some kind of shadow president and attempting to undermine the real POTUS, Michelle has been trying to push her way into every major social event where she doesn’t belong and is apparently not invited.

When Michelle Obama heard the news that Prince Harry was marrying a black American girl, she assumed it was her rightful place to be on that guest list. Michelle made a desperate move to sneak a spot on the guest list, but unfortunately for the former First Lady, the guest list has to be approved by the Queen of England herself.
Timeline of Queen Elizabeth’s brutal Obama smackdown

As soon as Buckingham Palace announced the news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were officially engaged, the opportunistic Obamas saw their chance to edge their way into the elites, like a couple of desperate kids trying to hang with the popular crowd at school. Barack immediately got on social media to beat President Trump to the congratulatory punch. Barack has a lot more time on his hands than the current POTUS who is cleaning up the mess he left behind.

Barack, who had been practically stalking Prince Harry on Twitter in recent weeks, made a post within seconds of the news coming out, which served the purpose of letting the Royals know that he and Michelle were angling for an invitation to the wedding of the year.

The Obamas are experts at playing the crowd for fools, and Barack’s sycophantic post got a whopping one million likes. The Obamas were likely over the moon about this return on their cynical investment, because it meant Prince Harry and the Royal Family were likely to see it and a seat at the high table was surely theirs for the taking.

The exposure of Barack’s post sparked rumors that the Obamas would likely be added to the guest list at the expense of the current president and first lady, London’s Independent reported. But while Barack was busy sending desperate tweets and DMs to secretly get on the coveted guest list, Michelle was doing something worse to shove the Trumps aside and ensure her spot, even though the honor is traditionally reserved for the current president and first lady.

Michelle has been doing the rounds on the speaking tour lately, trying to rack in hundreds of thousands of dollars and trash Trump at the same time. Her recent trip to Canada was no exception. She combined her usual trash talk with the hidden goal of getting to the historic royal wedding.

Addressing the “Economic Club of Toronto,” Michelle deviated from her usual Trump bashing shtick and went into overdrive, kissing up to the Queen of England at every opportunity, and criticizing POTUS Trump whenever possible. Michelle really wanted that wedding invite.

According to Page Six, Michelle took the opportunity to make fun of President Trump then immediately gushed over the queen. Both conversation deviations had no place in an event like this, but for calculated Michelle, it has a passive-aggressive purpose of saying that Trump wasn’t fit for her guest list, but since she loves the Queen so much, she should get a spot.

“After being introduced by Canada’s first lady, Sophie Trudeau, Obama told the crowd that it is ‘never a good idea’ to put your first thought in the morning on social media, and never a good idea to ‘tweet from bed,’ which appears to be one of the president’s favorite pastimes, presuming that he is actually in bed when he tweets at 3 a.m,” Page Six reported.

“Going on about effective communication, and the importance of doing drafts, Obama went on, ‘Then you need to edit and spell-check it.’ The 45-minute conversation, hosted by the Economic Club of Toronto, flowed into a bunch of amusing side stories, including her memories of being awestruck when meeting Queen Elizabeth of England.”
“’What do you do with the Queen? I touched her. She touched me first,’ she said, adding that her dream dinner guest would be Jesus, whom she’d serve pizza.”

It’s well known that the respect, proper etiquette, and holding a high-level of decorum is important to the Royal Family and by painting a picture that Trump is an impetuous buffoon who can’t control himself, Michelle thought she was making him look like a bad person to have at the wedding.

However, the bigger motive in her comments was to cover up her actual faux-pas with the Queen when, not surprisingly, brash Michelle showed a complete lack of respect and protocol when she got a little too touchy.

The moment she bullied her way into a hug and pushed the Queen toward a chair was the moment Queen Elizabeth decided there was to be no place for Michelle or Barack Obama at the wedding, The Guardian previously reported.
The Queen felt so grossly disrespected by Michelle that she royally snubbed the former first lady after the touchy-feely offense.

When she flew into London with her mother and daughters in tow, expecting an audience with Queen Elizabeth, she received a big slap-in-the-face instead, the Globe reported. Instead of spending the day with Michelle and her family who flew in to meet with her, the Queen ditched her and went off the horse races instead.

Michelle may think she’s royalty and even try to act like it, but she’s got nothing on the actual Queen of England who is the real deal and put her in her place. The Queen does what she wants and by kicking desperate Michelle Obama off the guest list, and extending an invitation to the real POTUS and FLOTUS instead, she showed she is no-one’s fool.

-Good for you Queen Elizabeth!!!! She’s not stupid!!

Victim Of Sexual Abuse Tells The Truth: President Trump Is Not Who You Think He Is

Victim Of Sexual Abuse Tells The Truth: President Trump Is Not Who You Think He Is

ELDER PATRIOT – During the campaign the mainstream media worked overtime painting Donald Trump as an abusing womanizer. They even found unattractive women to claim he made unwanted advances on them as though Trump was so desperate for female attention that he would even give these hags a second thought.

Now the most beautiful woman in the world has come forward with a different story to tell about our president. In an op-ed Tara Conner, Miss USA and Miss Universe 2006, tells the world how Donald Trump saved her life.

Tara had been the victim of sexual abuse by an uncle when she was only three years old. Later, her parents divorced. She turned to alcohol and later to drugs. She was ripe to be taken advantage of. Do you doubt for a second what Bill Clinton would’ve done?

As the owner of the pageant, when Trump found out he could’ve replaced her as Miss Universe as the rules permitted. Instead he came forward to say, “Tara is going to be given a second chance.”

Earlier this month she wrote this about our new president:

“It was 10 years ago that I got out of treatment. I will always be profoundly grateful. He saved my life and, essentially, made me great again.”

Trump has never forgotten Tara’s journey from addict to recovery and he is determined to prevent others from becoming addicted and saving them if they have.

Tara laid out what is driving President Trump’s actions:

“There are 22 million Americans who suffer with a substance use disorder. Only one in 10 of them has the opportunity to receive treatment for addiction.

“Untreated addiction costs the U.S. economy $442 billion a year — twice what is spent on diabetes. Sadly, we lose 350 American lives each day to this domestic crisis, which now steals more youth from us than car accidents or guns.”

“Our president understands firsthand the life-long damage of addiction and how substance use at a young age creates a destructive cycle into an adulthood of suffering and isolation. He has often courageously spoken publicly about how his brother Freddy lost his battle with alcoholism and died in 1981.”

“The president vowed in his speech to Congress that ‘we will stop the drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth — and we will expand treatment for those who have become so badly addicted.’ I am confident he will keep his promises.”

“The president should also know that I am committed to supporting him in any way that I can. It is the least I can do considering what he did for me.”

This real picture of President Trump as a compassionate leader is the opposite from the Deep State-Mainstream Media-George Soros-Democratic Party version we’ve been force-fed for the past two years.

-Must read for everyone! You won’t see this on main stream news!

Julia Roberts To Celine Dion: “You’re Wrong Celine The U.S Was Destroyed By Obama And Muslim Terrorists and Now Trump Going To Make Obama’s Destroyed America Great Again Also If You Hate Trump You Can Go In Your Country.” Do You Stand With Julia ?

Do You Stand With Julia ?

Julia Roberts To Celine Dion: “You’re Wrong Celine The U.S Was Destroyed By Obama And Muslim Terrorists and Now Trump Going To Make Obama’s Destroyed America Great Again Also If You Hate Trump You Can Go In Your Country.” Do You Stand With Julia ?

Julia Roberts To Celine Dion: “You’re Wrong Celine The U.S Was Destroyed By Obama And Muslim Terrorists and Now Trump Going To Make Obama’s Destroyed America Great Again Also If You Hate Trump You Can Go In Your Country.” Do You Stand With Julia ?

-Do You Stand With Julia ?

Navy SEALs Send POWERFUL Message to Trump, Leaving Obama FURIOUS

The days when our military members and veterans are forgotten are long over! This has led to an outpouring of Trump support.

My favorite is a Navy SEAL convoy that flew a Trump flag proudly while travelling from one training site to another. (via Daily Mail)

The only problem is, the Military is investigating the flag, which they say is “inappropriate,” according to Navy Spokeswoman Jacqui Maxwell.

So supporting the Commander-in-Chief is suddenly a problem? I think Trump is going to want to get to the bottom of this one.

Maxwell stated that military code discourage any show of support for a “political candidate, campaign or cause.” Yes, I can see why this is an important rule, but Donald Trump is not a candidate, campaign, or cause.

Unless, that is, you consider the success of our country to be a cause. I mean, the man is the military’s Commander-in-Chief.

Waving a Donald Trump is like waving an American flag, the military is bound to both. Our men and women should be allowed to show support for the man who leads their chain of command. I have a feeling the commanders would be a little less upset if the SEALs had been waving an Obama flag.

On twitter, one Richard Barris made the point even clearer, “A truck of Navy SEALS flying Trump flag is not ‘news.’ Nearly all operators–Seals, Green Berets, Force Recon–are Republican & LOVE Trump.”

It’s true, the only people surprised by this were Liberals. The rest of us just felt some patriotic joy that our military finally appears to be proud of our Commander-in-Chief, instead of just accepting the position’s authority, as most seemed to do with Obama.

A second veteran had a very different opinion. Chris Rowzee, from the Air force, said, “This type of blatant partisan political display demonstrating allegiance to a singular person brings to mind the types of actions historically seen in authoritarian regimes and dictatorships. It’s chilling.”

Right, since when is showing support for our nation’s leader showing support for “one person?” It seems that the Liberals would have taken this incident a little better if they had remembered that most of us think of Trump as our President, not just a random person.

Showing support for our duly elected President is showing support for our country. When did Liberals forget that?

-Does Navy Seals Have Your Support ?

Trump Has Officially Ended It For The NFL In Final Devastating Blow Hours After Major Sponsor Pulled Out

For the past year, arrogant NFL players have been kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial inequality and police brutality in America. NFL fans have expressed their disgust over these disrespectful protests and have even boycotted the season and canceled their NFL season passes. Then the racist demonstration reached a fever pitch a month ago when President Trump said that NFL players who kneel should be fired and then he took it one step further saying that the NFL should lose it tax-exempt status.

Now, as ratings continue to plummet in the NFL, the league just received another devastating blow, and many fans are wondering if they can recover from it.

Since the beginning of the NFL season, the horrible national anthem protests have morphed from taking a knee, to players raising a black power fist when sacking white players on the field.

Instead of NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell putting a stop to these racially charged protests, he has allowed them to continue despite the public outcry. Americans are now fed-up with these anti-American players preaching to them about racial inequality all while cashing million dollar checks. Now, these NFL players have become even more arrogant with their actions believing that they can do whatever they want without any consequences. Though that may be about to change thanks to the steps that Congress is now taking to end their special tax breaks and subsidies for major sports leagues in its tax reform package.

Americans were surprised when they learned that NFL receives billions of dollars in tax-payer funded federal subsidies. In fact, those HUGE stadiums that these entitled players are kneeling in have been paid for with your hard-earned money, and the amount you have paid is staggering. Last year, Fox News Sports reported that the American public had spent more than 7 billion dollars to build or renovate NFL stadiums, taking on 46 percent of the total costs of those projects.

Even though the numbers are staggering, franchises have been unabashed in their taking of public funds. Five teams have received more than $400 million from public funding to build and/or renovate their stadiums:

The Falcons’ $1.4 billion stadium has cost the public close to $600 million and that number is expected to continue to rise ahead of the 2017 opening. To add further insult to injury, Atlanta’s deal with the Falcons left no funds for the city to keep the Braves, who then moved north to Cobb County.

So, after discovering how much money was spent all so these arrogant players could disrespect our veterans off our backs, Congress has decided to step in and make some significant changes.

Here is more from Conservative Review:

It looks like Congress is taking steps to end some of the special tax breaks and subsidies for major sports leagues in its tax reform package.

Professional sports leagues like the NFL enjoy tax exemptions on the municipal bonds that are used to build their stadiums. A provision in Sec. 3604 eliminates this perk. If sports teams want to build new stadiums, they’re now going to pay federal taxes to do it.

These municipal bond exemptions aren’t the only tax breaks carved out for the NFL in the current tax code. On Wednesday, CRTV White House correspondent Jon Miller highlighted the special tax breaks the NFL receives and pointed out how they shouldn’t be getting them if some players want to disrespect the national anthem and flag.

Getting rid of the municipal bond tax exemptions is a great start to making sure taxpayers aren’t subsidizing a politicized NFL.

This is just another blow to the NFL who is already suffering from many corporate sponsors already dropping advertisements with the NFL due to the national anthem protests. These players seem to have forgotten their place in the grand scheme of things, and if they aren’t careful, they could be out of a job soon.

You see, these NFL players believe that they are somehow more important that those who fight to keep our country safe. If they have a grievance or an issue they want to draw attention to, then they can do it on their own time. There is no reason whatsoever that they should be allowed to kneel on the sidelines in protest in stadiums that tax dollars funded. The NFL needs to lose their special tax-exempt status and also demand that their players get off their knees in protest. If these NFL players want to protest racial inequality, then they are more than welcome to do that on their own free time and not in uniform.

It is about time that these disrespectful NFL players and the league face some serious consequences for their actions and losing their special status might be the way to do it.

—Trump Has Officially Ended It For The NFL In Final Devastating Blow Hours After Major Sponsor Pulled Out

H/T [Conservative Review]

Robert De Niro Just Busted In Disgusting Act After Calling Trump A ‘Low Life’ – His Acting Career Is OVER

It was not that long ago that WikiLeaks dropped the Podesta emails which depicted pedophilia in our very own government. Of course, the mainstream media has done its best to sweep this disgusting crime under the rug. However, there are those out there who are determined to root out these perverts hiding in our government and the entertainment industry. Over the last few weeks, new explosive allegations have emerged that point to a circle of high-powered executives and actors engaged in pedophilia and sexual assault.

Harvey Weinstein, an influential film producer, and Kevin Spacey, an Oscar-winning actor, have both been fingered as perpetrators in this sick circle. Now, Robert De Niro another member of Hollywood royalty was just discovered using the services of an international prostitution ring, but this sex ring has an even darker underbelly that will shock everyone.

During the presidential election, the liberal media and Hollywood elites continually based Donald Trump as a “low-life” sexual predator. The allegations stemmed from leaked audio tapes from 2005, of Trump in a locker room speaking crassly to washed-up actor Billy Bush. Of course, the conversation was taken out of context, but that did not stop Robert De Niro from using that audio to blast President Trump as a sexual predator.

Now, De Niro has been caught in a scandal that will not quickly be swept under the rug since the acclaimed actor was caught employing the services of a prostitution ring known to hire underaged children for wealthy, high-powered clients.

According to court documents, John Lichfield, a journalist who works for London’s Independent revealed that the prostitution agency routinely entrapped underage girls as young as 15-years-old, and forced them to have sex with Hollywood’s rich and powerful.

The court documents read like a trashy sex novel, filled with movie stars, high-ranking foreign dignitaries, arms deals, and politicians from the United States. Of course, the mainstream media did all that they could to hide this explosive story and protect Robert De Niro from the damaging discovery.

After discovering the court documents, John Lichfield wrote, “Six people are charged with the running of an international prostitution ring, whose call-girls entertained the actor Robert De Niro, the former tennis player, Wojtek Fibak, two senior (but unnamed) French politicians and several Gulf princes. The agency specialised in tricking, or trapping, star-struck teenage girls into selling their bodies with the promise of careers as models or actresses.”

This horrific discovery of sexual perversion was terrible enough, but the connection between De Niro and sexual predator Harvey Weinstein is even worse. According to sources, the two men were good friends and were often photographed together, and Weinstein frequented De Niro’s exclusive Manhattan restaurant, Tribeca Grill.

The swanky eatery was known as a “luxe magnet for celebrity seekers,” and Weinstein was often found there luring his victims with promises of fame and fortune before sexually assaulting them.

A former employee of De Niro’s at Tribeca Grill opened up to the New York Post about what it was like working in Robert De Niro’s world. The waitress revealed that while De Niro fawned over Harvey Weinstein, catering to his every whim, the Hollywood producer would treat her and her colleagues like human garbage.

“Harvey Weinstein was every bit the sleazy Hollywood caricature recent reports have made him out to be. When I was working as a waitress, I watched numerous times as a string of young women — some seemingly no older than 21 — entered the restaurant for long, flirty dinners with him, even though he was married with five children.

“These women were all the same: vaguely European, always beautiful, stylishly dressed, and totally out of place next to someone like him.

“The ritual for his rendezvous was very firm. Champagne, caviar, and an unspoken rule that Weinstein and his date not be disturbed. The pair would sit close, whispering and touching each other suggestively. After dining, Weinstein and the woman would often disappear for a while, exiting the restaurant through a side door.”

When President Trump said that he was going to drain the swamp, it did not just apply to crooked politicians, in the government. Trump is intent on busting human trafficking rings and the people who prey on innocent children for their nasty sexual pleasure. Earlier this year, President Trump announced a federal investigation into the elite pedophile scandal that has gripped our nation.

After learning of yet another dominant Hollywood individual being embroiled in a sex scandal, it makes sense why these actors, producers, and politicians are scared of President Donald Trump.

—Robert De Niro Just Busted In Disgusting Act After Calling Trump A ‘Low Life’ – His Acting Career Is OVER