94 Year old Man KNOCKOUT 2 Bullies with ONE PUNCH

Old man knocks out 2 people ready to mug him.

Sometimes it’s so pathetic to see certain people underestimating those who have many years on them. Skill and experience are more important than strength. And if you don’t know about “Old Man Strength”, ask someone who know. Just because you can beat someone up doesn’t make you any better than them. In fact if you’re out to show the world how tough you are… well that’s a good way to get shot.

-94 Year old Man KNOCKOUT 2 Bullies with ONE PUNCH

Fed-Up Florida Man Finds 2 Saggy-Pants Thugs In His Home, Delivers Brutal Instant Justice

A shocking story has emerged out of Jacksonville, Florida, where a fed-up homeowner rushed back to his house to check an alarm system that had gone off. Now, the story has gone viral after the man found two saggy-pants wearing thugs in his home and delivered a dose of brutal, instant justice, leaving the punks wishing the cops had arrived before the homeowner.

According to local news source Fox30, the shocking home invasion took place at approximately 11:42 a.m. on Wednesday, October 11, 2017. Jacksonville police said that they received an alert at the same time that the homeowner did when a home alarm system had been triggered. Unfortunately for the thugs, the homeowner arrived at his residence on Park Street before the police.

The two thugs ransacking the man’s home probably never expected to go from being the predators to the prey. According to local news source News4Jax, that is exactly what happened when the homeowner arrived and confronted them as they attempted to burglarize his property. The homeowner shot one of the thugs dead and sent the other one running for his life.

When police arrived, they found 24-year-old Xavier Houston’s lifeless body sitting in a silver 4-door sedan which was parked in the homeowner’s driveway. Houston had reportedly been shot inside the homeowner’s residence and then struggled to crawl back to his vehicle where he died. This thug’s life of crime was over, but police were shocked to find out more about who he was. According to News4Jax, Houston was identified as the son of a female Jacksonville police officer.

A spokesman for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said that they are treating the shooting as a justifiable homicide for the time being. Investigative reporters from News4jax discovered a lengthy criminal history for Houston, including arrests for burglary, aggravated battery, stalking, cyber-stalking, and four arrests for domestic battery. The second suspect who escaped is still at large.

Houston’s grandmother, who asked not to be identified, said her grandson was a “good boy” when he was younger. “Came up in a nice home and everything,” she said. “Only thing I heard is a man shot him. Don’t know anything about where he was or anything. So I can’t give you no info,” she added.

Sources familiar with the situation told News4Jax that Houston’s mother is JSO Officer Lynette Bryant. A crime analyst named Gil Smith who works for News4Jax said, “Sometimes, people think that you’re the son or daughter of a police officer and you’re walking the straight and narrow all the time — or a judge, or a teacher,” Smith said. “That’s not the case. They’re regular folks, just like anyone else.”

One of Houston’s friends said that he was just another guy trying to turn his life around. “That ain’t his M.O. That’s just someone he was with,” said the friend, who asked not to be identified. “That’s just the law of the land I guess, being around people that over-influence you to do something you don’t want to do.” It appears that Houston wasn’t turning his life around fast enough or else he wouldn’t have been burglarizing an innocent man’s home.

It won’t be long before the mainstream liberal media is portraying the homeowner as the villain in this story and trying to make Houston look like the victim, but we know the truth of the matter. The moment that Houston and his accomplice decided to break into an innocent man’s home, they deserved what happened to them. Once again, here is a shocking story that proves one thing — an armed society is a just society.

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-A shocking story has emerged out of Jacksonville, Florida, where a fed-up homeowner rushed back to his house to check an alarm system that had gone off. Now, the story has gone viral after the man found two saggy-pants wearing thugs in his home and delivered a dose of brutal, instant justice, leaving the punks wishing the cops had arrived before the homeowner.

WATCH: Detroit Thug Pulls Gun On The Wrong Guy, Gets Brutal Dose Of Instant Justice

A shocking video has emerged out of Detroit, Michigan, where a violent thug was recorded pulling a gun on the wrong guy during an attempted armed robbery. Now, the clip has gone viral after the armed punk got a brutal dose of instant justice, and rightfully so.

According to the New York Post, the shocking incident took place on Sunday, October 8, 2017, outside a supermarket. Luckily, the attempted robbery was captured on surveillance video. Detroit police said 29-year-old Sanchez Quinn tried to rob two men at gunpoint when he received the shock of his life as one of the men pulled his own firearm and dished out some brutal punishment.

Little did Quinn know, that one of the men was a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) holder. “I turned and looked and saw the other gentleman had a gun pointed at my face,” the unidentified would-be victim told FOX2 Detroit. “I was able to knock his hand down and the gunfire rang out.” The man Quinn first pointed his gun at is seen in the video wearing a black-and-white t-shirt and shorts.

According to police, the would-be victim’s cousin, who’s seen in a blue jacket and ballcap, was shot four times during the gunfight, which was also captured in the video below. Both Quinn and the victim’s cousin are expected to make a full recovery. Apparently, Cynthia Quinn, the suspects mother, showed up to the hospital where he was being treated for his gunshot wounds.

“All I want to do is see my son to see if he’s alright,” she said. If this woman was so concerned about her son, she shouldn’t have raised him to be a violent thug. When she arrived at Henry Ford Hospital, police refused to let her see her son and for good reason.

The suspect’s mother complained to FOX 2 that she wasn’t allowed to see her thug son. What part of, “Your son just tried to kill two innocent people during an armed robbery” doesn’t she understand?

“When I went to my son’s room I was stopped by two police officers (who) told me to get out of my son’s room,” she says. “‘Why you here? You can’t be here.’” It won’t be long before the suspect’s family is back on the news telling everyone what a loving sweet boy he is.

Detroit police told the victim that having his CPL and using it was probably the only reason he and his cousin are still alive. “It makes me mad because you have people out here that work every day. They are innocent; you want to take from them,” the CPL holder said. “These guys, I definitely feel don’t need to be back out on the street because someone else might get hurt and it might happen in a different way.” He also told FOX 2 that he had never been in this kind of situation before.

Once again, the 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight. Violent thugs like Quinn victimize innocent people every day in our country. Unfortunately, many victims are seriously injured or murdered because they don’t have a way to protect themselves. Thank God, this particular Detroit man was prepared to fight back when it was necessary.

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-A shocking video has emerged out of Detroit, Michigan, where a violent thug was recorded pulling a gun on the wrong guy during an attempted armed robbery. Now, the clip has gone viral after the armed punk got a brutal dose of instant justice, and rightfully so.

Robert De Niro Just Busted In Disgusting Act After Calling Trump A ‘Low Life’ – His Acting Career Is OVER

It was not that long ago that WikiLeaks dropped the Podesta emails which depicted pedophilia in our very own government. Of course, the mainstream media has done its best to sweep this disgusting crime under the rug. However, there are those out there who are determined to root out these perverts hiding in our government and the entertainment industry. Over the last few weeks, new explosive allegations have emerged that point to a circle of high-powered executives and actors engaged in pedophilia and sexual assault.

Harvey Weinstein, an influential film producer, and Kevin Spacey, an Oscar-winning actor, have both been fingered as perpetrators in this sick circle. Now, Robert De Niro another member of Hollywood royalty was just discovered using the services of an international prostitution ring, but this sex ring has an even darker underbelly that will shock everyone.

During the presidential election, the liberal media and Hollywood elites continually based Donald Trump as a “low-life” sexual predator. The allegations stemmed from leaked audio tapes from 2005, of Trump in a locker room speaking crassly to washed-up actor Billy Bush. Of course, the conversation was taken out of context, but that did not stop Robert De Niro from using that audio to blast President Trump as a sexual predator.

Now, De Niro has been caught in a scandal that will not quickly be swept under the rug since the acclaimed actor was caught employing the services of a prostitution ring known to hire underaged children for wealthy, high-powered clients.

According to court documents, John Lichfield, a journalist who works for London’s Independent revealed that the prostitution agency routinely entrapped underage girls as young as 15-years-old, and forced them to have sex with Hollywood’s rich and powerful.

The court documents read like a trashy sex novel, filled with movie stars, high-ranking foreign dignitaries, arms deals, and politicians from the United States. Of course, the mainstream media did all that they could to hide this explosive story and protect Robert De Niro from the damaging discovery.

After discovering the court documents, John Lichfield wrote, “Six people are charged with the running of an international prostitution ring, whose call-girls entertained the actor Robert De Niro, the former tennis player, Wojtek Fibak, two senior (but unnamed) French politicians and several Gulf princes. The agency specialised in tricking, or trapping, star-struck teenage girls into selling their bodies with the promise of careers as models or actresses.”

This horrific discovery of sexual perversion was terrible enough, but the connection between De Niro and sexual predator Harvey Weinstein is even worse. According to sources, the two men were good friends and were often photographed together, and Weinstein frequented De Niro’s exclusive Manhattan restaurant, Tribeca Grill.

The swanky eatery was known as a “luxe magnet for celebrity seekers,” and Weinstein was often found there luring his victims with promises of fame and fortune before sexually assaulting them.

A former employee of De Niro’s at Tribeca Grill opened up to the New York Post about what it was like working in Robert De Niro’s world. The waitress revealed that while De Niro fawned over Harvey Weinstein, catering to his every whim, the Hollywood producer would treat her and her colleagues like human garbage.

“Harvey Weinstein was every bit the sleazy Hollywood caricature recent reports have made him out to be. When I was working as a waitress, I watched numerous times as a string of young women — some seemingly no older than 21 — entered the restaurant for long, flirty dinners with him, even though he was married with five children.

“These women were all the same: vaguely European, always beautiful, stylishly dressed, and totally out of place next to someone like him.

“The ritual for his rendezvous was very firm. Champagne, caviar, and an unspoken rule that Weinstein and his date not be disturbed. The pair would sit close, whispering and touching each other suggestively. After dining, Weinstein and the woman would often disappear for a while, exiting the restaurant through a side door.”

When President Trump said that he was going to drain the swamp, it did not just apply to crooked politicians, in the government. Trump is intent on busting human trafficking rings and the people who prey on innocent children for their nasty sexual pleasure. Earlier this year, President Trump announced a federal investigation into the elite pedophile scandal that has gripped our nation.

After learning of yet another dominant Hollywood individual being embroiled in a sex scandal, it makes sense why these actors, producers, and politicians are scared of President Donald Trump.

—Robert De Niro Just Busted In Disgusting Act After Calling Trump A ‘Low Life’ – His Acting Career Is OVER

[VIDEO] Bully Attacks U.S. Marine On Subway, Gets A Brutal Response.

Recently, one misguided thug decided to start messing with an innocent bystander on a New York subway. Clearly, he didn’t realize the man he was talking to was a United States Marine.

Footage of the incident shows the bully harassing the Marine, who keeps a cool head for some time before deciding to teach this guy a serious lesson. By the time he does lunge for the thug, everyone could agree the guy deserved it.

Even after the rest of the riders could see it was over for him, the bully keeps going. Fortunately, the Marine demonstrated serious self-restraint and was able to walk away before things got out of hand.

What do you think? Would you have done the same?

–What do you think? Would you have done the same?

Teacher Forced Kids To Stick Heads In Bucket Of Urine

A second-grade teacher is accused of a very strange and disturbing method of discipline.

Parents at the Cool Spring Primary School in King William, VA, were outraged after they heard that a second-grade teacher allegedly made her male students put their heads in a bucket of urine, sniff, and snitch on whomever urinated in the bucket.

The teacher did this to find out which of the students urinated in the bucket, according to WWBT.

Parent Shawn Martin found out when his son came home and complained that he’d had a bad day.

“And I said you’re an 8-year-old in the second grade,” said Martin. “How bad could your day have really been?”

That’s when Martin’s son told him how bad it really was.

“I don’t understand how anybody would make a child do that,” said Martin. “It is unacceptable.”

Students were sent home with a note informing parents that they may have been exposed to bodily fluids while at school. The teacher in question has been at the school for 26 years and is still on the job, reported WWBT.

In a statement, school officials said, “This is a personnel matter. Appropriate action has been taken to ensure that such conduct does not repeat itself. We will have no further comment.”

“They want to sweep it under the rug like it never happened,” said Martin. “That is not acceptable.”

He added: “There’s no right you can find out of this. Zero. Whatsoever.”

Martin filed a formal complaint and the school gave him the option to move his child to another classroom, reported Brietbart. But Martin said that would be punishing the wrong person.

It’s not yet clear if the teacher will see any real consequences for forcing students to smell urine.

Sources: WWBT, Breitbart / Photo credit: David/Wikipedia

-An 8-year-old boy returned home from school visibly distraught. His father asked him what was wrong. The boy explained that the teacher had ordered him to stick his head into a bucket. Dad asked: “What was inside the bucket?” When his son told him, he lost it.
Do you support firing this teacher?


You have probably heard his name before. He is a true American hero. His name is William Kyle Carpenter. He fought for this country as a United States Marine. At the age of 21, he earned the rank of Lance Corporal. In 2010, he was sent to fight in Afghanistan. During a firefight, Kyle saw a grenade land near where he and another Marine were fighting.

Without a second, though, Kyle used his body as a shield and covered the grenade. He was willing to give his life to save the life of a fellow Marine.
The human body was not designed to withstand that kind of explosive force and Kyle’s body had been severely damaged

Not only did he have shrapnel all over his body the bones in his skull and face were shattered. But, Kyle survived.

Part of his jaw as lost, his lung collapsed, and he was even pronounced P.E.A. when he finally got to Camp Bastion.

P.E.A. means patient expired on arrival. So, technically the enemy grenade did kill him – but he wasn’t done here on earth yet, and he came back.

He also got the Medal of Honor which was given to him by President Barack Obama.

Today, Kyle is retired from the military and is working on getting his degree in International Studies from the University of South Carolina.
Over the next two years, Kyle had forty different surgeries.

He was awarded the Purple Heart for his act of incredible bravery.

In his spare time, he gives motivational speeches and charity work.

Take a look at this video



Ted Nugent is no stranger to the conservative circle. He’s even better known for pissing off liberals. Sure, he’s a bit crude at times, but he provides a fresh and no-nonsense perspective in a world inundated by political correctness. Nugent’s latest comments were directed at the NFL and players taking a knee during the anthem.

As you can probably guess, Nugent was candid and used some not-so-nice words that are sure to have progressives crying foul.

In response to the left’s allegations of systematic racism, Nugent had this following response:

“If there was racism in the NFL, the overwhelming white viewers and ticket buyers would not cheer on the 70% of blacks who constitute the players.”

Nugent then uses a selection of colorful phrases to describe the players taking a knee, including “ignorant whiners,” “useful pawns,” “excuse makers,” and my favorite, “ignorant clueless uneducated dumbasses.”

Nugent then brilliantly highlights the real problem in the black community that liberals and Democrats refuse to ever address. This includes black illiteracy, black unemployment, high school dropout rates, and black-on-black crime. The last point, by the way, is FAR FAR more prevalent than the rare instances of a police officer shooting a black man.

He ends the post by saying that players who want to take a knee are welcome to do so outside the stadium. He states with conviction, though, that during the in-game anthem, players need to “show a little respect for the country that has given you so much.”

He’s got a good point.

Of course, you can expect the progressive haters to cast Nugent as another white supremacist; that’s their go-to label for anyone who dares stray from the liberal mindset

Did Nugent hit the mark with his spot-on albeit politically incorrect statement?

—Uncle Ted just tells it like it is!
Truth be told!
He’s a true American!! Rock on Ted!

Brain Scan Of Young Child Is Making International Headlines. Parents Have Warning For Others

Before you become a parent there are several things that you wouldn’t even think of as being harmful to children lying around your home. It is for this very reason, that new parents struggle with knowing what is safe and what is not safe for a toddling child. It’s hard to establish what kind of trouble a child could possibly get into when he/she is able to crawl and walk around.

Sometimes, we don’t give them enough credit for their strength and fail to think of the many things they could pull down while trying to stand up. Most parents are aware of the normal things, child-proof plugs in outlets and locks on cabinet doors, but it’s hard to be prepared for every single thing that could get in the way of keeping your little one safe and unfortunately, some parents have to learn the hard way.

When a Chinese toddler, Chen Chen was jumping on his bed, he slipped on a ball in mid jump and fell off the floor. Sounds like he may have had a pretty hard landing right?

It turned out to be a lot worse than a bumpy landing. Instead, the toddler’s head managed to land directly on a three-prong electrical plug that had been lying on the floor. And as luck would have it, he landed right on the prong so it inserted directly into the upper left side of his head.

Luckily, his parents responded quickly and got him to the hospital where doctors were able to remove the plug after a grueling three-hour surgery. As of now, doctors won’t know if Chen Chen will have any long term injuries but they are pretty optimistic the boy will be alright.

It’s nearly impossible to baby proof your home 100% and things like this will pop up, but the best thing you can do is be prepared and question every single thing that enters your home. Shelves that are too low can easily be pulled down.

Shelves that are too low can easily be pulled down and fall on the tot. And even worse, if that shelf has an item on it that is dangerous, such as glass, then your child could end up severely cut.

Nowadays, it’s exceptionally hard to baby proof homes with so much technology around. Recently, one girl had unplugged her cell phone while she was in the bath tub and she ended up with burns from the electrical shock.

If you don’t have a child yet, but plan on having one, it might be best to meet up with some parents who do have children. You can invite them over and have them show you all the no-no’s when it comes to making sure your home is child-friendly and safe. You may just learn that there is something you would’ve never thought of that is lying around your home. And if you question whether something is safe or not, then chances are…it’s not safe and it’s best to remove the item.

Luckily Chen Chen will be okay, but surely his parents were petrified when they found the prong in his head.

Have one of your children or grandchildren ever found themselves in trouble like this?

-Please take this warning seriously and show this to any parents you know.

NFL Player Says Cop TERRIFIED Him With Gun To Head, Then Police Show Video

A former NFL player kicked up his fair share of controversy by saying he was left paralyzed in fear after having an officer point a gun to his head during an ordinary traffic stop. Since that time, police have released dash cam video of the incident that ultimately sheds an entirely different light on the matter.

According to Houston Oilers player Lamar Lathon, police had pulled him over in Pearland, Texas for speeding with the officer needlessly drawing his firearm and pointing it at his head, leaving him fearing for his life. “Completely terrified,” he said. “This is a situation where I was obeying a command, and it quickly got out of control.”

Unfortunately for him, police have since had the opportunity to tell their side of the story, and it’s all backed by dash cam video.

In the clip, the officer can be seen approaching the former NFL player’s window before asking for the driver’s license and proof of insurance, but this is where things went wrong. As can be heard in the video, Lathon reached under his seat at the time, prompting understandable concern to arise from the officer.

At the time, the officer ordered Lathon not to reach under the seat, to which he didn’t comply. The officer continues to tell the idiot “don’t reach under the seat” another two times before he unholsters his weapon.

It is only at that point that the idiot becomes aware of the seriousness of the situation, but he obviously was still a bit non-compliant as the officer continues to instruct the man not to reach under the seat another four times. That’s 7 in total for those of you trying to keep count.

Along with the video the Pearland Police Department released on their Facebook page, they also explained, “Based on review of the video footage, it is the position of the Pearland Police Department that the response of the officers involved in this traffic stop was professional and within both the law and policies of this agency.” I don’t think anyone could disagree with that.

The officer was kind, courteous, and simply ensuring self-preservation. Once the threat had neutralized, the officer simply placed his gun back in his holster and continued with his professional duties. Later in the video, the officer asks Lathon to step out of the car to search under the seat, at which point the entitled prick already demonstrates ignorance on what just happened.

Saying that the officer pulled the gun on him for no reason, the officer simply states that he’s taking the incident out of context.

Now, there are a few things worth noting here, with the first few being more rhetorical questions than anything else. I mean, how dumb do you have to be to reach in a space that the officer can’t see while he’s standing right next to you? Secondly, why is this man not listening to an officer the first time he says something?

These are common sense practices when dealing with police. If you need to retrieve the items the officer is requesting from a place not visible to the officer, state that and ask permission before reaching for what is unknown to the officer.

However, for this entitled piece of crap to come forward and try to tarnish a police officer is beyond ridiculous. Leave it to a liberal to cry wolf when they’re the ones that are actually in the wrong. Here’s a tip — if you don’t want an officer to unholster his gun, follow police orders the first time and don’t do something that threatens them personally.

Traffic stop of Lamar Lathon – September 1, 2015

Police Release Dash-Cam Footage of Traffic StopThe Pearland Police Department was made aware of reports to local media that one of its officers may have acted inappropriately during an early morning traffic stop on September 1, 2015. In response to the local reports and to remain transparent, the dash cam footage of the two officers involved in the incident will be released in its entirety both to the public as well as the media venues requesting it. The traffic stop occurred on September 1, 2015 at approximately 1:15 a.m., ending in the parking lot of a gas station at the intersection of Shadow Creek Parkway (FM 2234) at Almeda Road (FM 521). The driver was identified as Lamar Lathon DOB12.23.67. In order to better illustrate the course of events, a timeline corresponding to the time provided by the in-car video is provided below: 1:12 a.m. – The Pearland Police vehicle was eastbound on Shadow Creek Parkway west of Kingsley Drive and made a U-turn in order to follow the westbound vehicle that was observed speeding.1:14 a.m. – The officer in a marked Pearland Police vehicle was behind the suspect vehicle stopped for the red light in the turn lane for southbound traffic onto Almeda Road. It appeared as if the driver was on a phone – the lit screen was clearly visible through the rear window.1:15 a.m. – When the light turned green, the officer activated the emergency overhead lights to initiate a traffic stop. The suspect vehicle pulled into the lit parking lot of the convenience store. Upon approaching the vehicle, the driver appeared to be talking to someone as the officer introduced himself and asked for the driver’s license and proof of financial responsibility. In the video, the officer was then clearly heard giving the driver three distinct orders not to reach under his seat. When the orders were ignored by the driver, the officer unholstered his weapon and held it at a low ready position near the driver’s door in preparation for the possibility of the driver drawing a weapon from under the seat. The officer was clearly heard repeating the same order four more times for the driver to not reach under the seat. When the driver’s hands were in view and the officer could see that they held a wallet, the officer re-holstered his weapon and proceeded with the traffic stop. 1:16 a.m. – The driver can be heard speaking to someone and said, “Man, I’m not worried about no policeman talkin’ about killing me, (name redacted), I’m just trying to figure out why he’s pulling me over.” The officer explained that the reason for the stop was speeding. In response to the driver’s comment regarding the officer taking so long to make the traffic stop, the officer explained that he had to turn around and catch up to the driver. 1:18 a.m. – The officer returned to his vehicle to complete the citation and await a secondary officer. 1:24 a.m. – After a secondary officer arrived, the primary officer returned to the stopped vehicle in order to continue his traffic stop. The primary officer asked the driver several times to exit the vehicle. The driver expressed concern and said, “With all the stuff that’s happening and I’m a big guy and you’re a little guy.” The officer pointed out that they were in a lit parking lot. The driver continued by pointing out that the officer had already pulled his TASER out on him; the officer clarified that, “No, I pulled my gun on you because you were reaching under the seat.” 1:25 a.m. – After the driver exited the vehicle, the officer explained that he would search the car for weapons since the officer did not know what the driver had been reaching for. When the driver objected and made movement back toward the car, the officer raised his hand to stop the driver from returning to the vehicle prior to his search. The driver then stood by with a secondary officer while the primary officer conducted a brief search of the driver’s area of the vehicle for weapons; the search lasted approximately twelve seconds.1:26 a.m. – The primary officer continued to explain the reason for the search and pointed out that the driver should have told him what he was reaching for. The officer continued to issue a speeding citation. While doing so, the officer found it necessary to repeat himself three times in order for the driver to provide his contact number for the citation. 1:27 a.m. – The driver mentioned his deceased mother and the officer stated, “I’m sorry to hear that.” The driver used profanity several times while addressing his concern over the citation. The driver received the citation and immediately started walking toward his vehicle and there was another terse interaction as driver’s license was returned. The traffic stop concluded and the driver was released at the scene.Based on review of the video footage, it is the position of the Pearland Police Department that the response of the officers involved in this traffic stop was professional and within both the law and policies of this agency. The primary officer was tactically aware, maintained control of the scene and attempted to de-escalate a volatile situation brought on by a driver who refused to follow directions and whose primary complaint seemed to be the issuance of a citation. The citation received by the driver is a matter to be addressed by the Pearland Municipal Court.

Posted by Pearland Police Department on Thursday, September 3, 2015